How To Use Android OS Part 1

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In many of our posts we have written about best apps of various kinds, games and how to hack or root your device so that you can install number of different custom ROMs. But in all these process we forgot to mention how to actually use your android OS.

There are many people who are still getting introduced to the android world either they are complete newbs or they have migrated from a previous mobile OS to the android world. Both cases Android are very easy to use and yes it’s not like iOS which is so easy that even babies can use.

But you are not a baby and you need to put a little effort to learn how to use your android OS efficiently. So in this article we have provided some tips that help you get started with android. Once you get used to your android you can’t stop using it because you will realize that customizing your android to your style is kind of fun.

Read on to find out how you can get used to your android quickly.

Basic Starting Tips

  • When you first purchase your android phone and turn it on you will be shown the introduction screen where you have to log in with your Google account so don’t skip it. If you skipped this part then go to settings > accounts and sync and you can add the different accounts you want to sync with your Google account.
  • After you have added the Google account and you are in the main screen look at the top which you can drag down it’s your notification bar which contains all the information of missed calls, SMS, Emails etc. If you bought a phone that is running android 4.0 then you can clear individual notification with a swipe
  • Now if you look below you will notice the App drawer which after tapping will lead to the screen where you have installed various apps
  • Settings of your phone can be found by tapping the gear shaped icon in your app drawer. If you are running Android 4.0 then you can find the settings in the notification window. If you are using Android 2.3 then tap your menu button and select settings
  • If you want to access the menu of individual apps then in Android 4.0 the menu button will look like three vertical dots. In android 2.3 you can use the physical menu button.

Clearing The Desktop

After you have switched on your phone and logged in with your Google Account you will be brought directly to the desktop which contains lots of widgets and various other icons.

Most of those icons are either carrier oriented or from the manufacturer of the phone. In almost all the cases the widgets that are already present may or may not be useful to you. So to remove the widgets that you don’t need just tap and hold them and drag them to the Bin that appears at bottom or top of the screen.

This will remove the widgets from your desktop but not uninstall them. To uninstall a widget you can go to Settings> Application Manager and remove the widgets.

Stay tuned for the next part on how to use the android OS for a beginner. Do let us know if you come across some other tips that makes using android a fun and enjoyable experience.

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