How To Use Android OS Part 2

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In our last part of how to use android we outline some of the basic guide that involved with getting started with the device after you have bought it. Also we mentioned how to access the apps that are stored your device and to change your settings by going to the settings of your device.

So now we continue with the tips on how to use your android device. So read on to find out more and get familiar with your android device.

How To Download And Install Apps

Once you have logged in with your Google Account you can start browsing the android market or Play store to download apps from a wide variety of selections. Here are some tips which help you in getting started by recommending you some of the apps that will help you out in using your android device:

  • After you open the Play store app in your phone which can be accessed from the application drawer hit the menu button > settings and scroll down to find auto add widgets and uncheck it to avoid cluttering your desktop with numerous widgets
  • Keyboards: there are number of custom keyboards available in the Play store if you don’t like the keyboard that is available in your device. You can try the iTap keyboard if you are coming from iOS or you can download SlideIT if you don’t have Swype installed on your device.
  • Quick Profiles: this is very handy that will allow you to switch between many settings at once. This app is helpful if you want to turn off all your tones except the alarm tone. If you purchase the app you will receive a nice widget with it.
  • If you think the stock messaging app is not adequate then you can always download and try Handcent SMS or GoSMS both of them are nice alternatives and they show a popup of the SMS that you receive and also customize by adding different tones to different contacts. Make sure to make them your default SMS app otherwise you will receive double notifications.
  • For you social needs you can download Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GroupMe, Foursquare, Reddit etc.
  • If you have heard about an app and you like to try it out then use the search function in the Play store and find the app that you like or you can browse the different category that play store has to find to browse through the apps and download the ones that you like.

Use Widgets To Make Life Easy

Widgets are small shortcuts to the app that you have installed and in some cases the widgets will also display the updates which you can access directly without the need for opening the app. Some of the useful widgets that might help you out are:

  • CalWidget: will allow you to see your upcoming appointments
  • LED Flashlight: this is a must have widget for every android user because it will allow you to use your LED flash as a torch right from your desktop
  • Weather Channel widget: will allow you to view the weather of your city and any other city in the world.
  • You can also keep the widgets of Facebook and Twitter as they will constantly show the updates as they happen
  • You can also keep widgets that allow you to control your music and Wi-FI connection with the need for opening the app right from your desktop with a single tap


So there you have some of the tips stay tuned for more tips that will help you to get used to your android device.

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