How To Use Android OS Part 3

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In our last part of the series we mentioned about the widgets how they make your life easy and also the various kinds of apps that you can download easily from the Play Store once you have set it up.

In this part we will tell you how to keep everything nice and orderly so that you don’t feel frustrated while using the device and make everything much simpler. Read on to find out more tips on how to use your android efficiently.

Keep Your Desktop Organized

The desktop on your android is the main place which you will be always coming across whenever you are using your device. If you keep it cluttered with all the widgets and unnecessary shortcuts it can become a very messy place to navigate from.

So first you must get rid of all the widgets no matter what they are just remove them from the desktop. Now start putting the widgets in place you can place them anywhere on your screen. Some widgets take up entire screen estate so the next widget gets place in the second pane of your desktop.

To place a widget long press and hold your desktop a widget menu should appear from where you can select the different widgets that you want to place on your desktop.

Not only widgets but you can also place different kind of shortcuts of your favorite app right on your desktop so that you can launch them easily without any searching. To place the shortcut go to your app drawer find out your favorite app and hold it until you are brought to the desktop then you can place it anywhere you like.

Once you have organized the desktop you will be thankful that you have organized your desktop because now you can easily access your favorite games and app in seconds.

Arranging Media On Your Android

No smartphone is complete without your song collection and you favorite videos.  You can just connect you android phone in mass storage mode and transfer the files you want into their respective folders so that it becomes easy for you to find and organize them later.

Also you can try out the Google Cloud music where you can upload up to 20,000 songs which you can listen to anywhere and even share it with your friends.

Tweaks To Further Customize Your Android

  • If you are using a device which is running Android 4.0 then you can set up the Face unlock security option which is not only cool but also adds extra security to your device. To enable face unlock go to settings > security > screen lock > face unlock.
  • You can set up different tones for you different notifications. This will help you to identify which of your incoming notifications are important and needs immediate attention
  • You can also assign different ringtones for different contacts making it easy for you to identify the caller based on the ringtone that you have set
  • There are many apps in the android market that will enable voice command of your device. The app also help you to search different information from the net

So there you have the conclusion of the series of how to use android. We hope that you were patient with us in reading every tip on how to use android.

There are many other tips available which will further enhance your android experience. Do let us know about the other tips in our comments section

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