HTC Amaze 4G Android Phone Features Some Great Capabilities

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None can deny the fact that the HTC Amaze 4G is one of the best devices that we can find these days especially because it comes embedded with some great features, which include advanced cameras, dual LED flash, good quality recorder, backside light sensor, fast processor, and many others.

Additionally, this device is one of the few phones that present the great T-Mobile 4G technology, which allows users to benefit from a very fast internet connection while on the go. What else should you know about the HTC Amaze 4G? Well, you can find out the answer to this question by simply checking the next sections.


Top Features and Capabilities:

The HTC Amaze 4G presents some truly great capabilities and features that include smart tags, microSD card slot, 16GB internal memory, Bluetooth 3.0, dual microphones, micro-USB and HDMI ports, digital compass, GPS navigation, music and video streaming, access to more than 200,000 applications that are available on the Android Market, and a fantastic Super LCD display of 4.3 inches, which presents T-Mobile TV function and some great multi-touch capacities.


The rear camera of 8MP comes along with some truly impressive characteristics, such as 1080p video recording in full HD. There are dedicated buttons which allow you to capture videos and photos and even share photos with your friends. The rear camera includes zero shutter lag, Shake and Face Detection, low-light performance, additional shooting modes, such as action, night, audio, macro, manual and portrait, PerfectPics, which helps users to create albums, and SmartShots that takes different shots and chooses the best ones.

Coming down to the overall performance of the HTC Amaze 4G, you should know that it is able to support any of your demands. However, its battery is not the adversary that we were expecting to find. If you are an avid power user, you should definitely get at least an extra battery while on the go. If you do not consider this recommendation, you might have the surprise to run out of power exactly when you need it most.

And obviously, the 4G capability is able to provide a truly cool user experience. We have already tested this new technology for a few times and we must admit that we found it surprising every time we had the chance to lay our hands on a 4G device. And this is because 4G actually means some truly fast internet speeds and fantastic web browsing applications.

Another great thing is the fact that the HTC Amaze 4G comes along with the Android operating system, Gingerbread version, which offers one of the fastest virtual supports. As well, the multitasking ability of the Amaze has allowed us to run various applications simultaneously.

What else should you know?

Well, the system is equipped with a dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor of 1.5GHz, which can definitely speed up any applications, including uploading and downloading files, playing games, and so on.

The multimedia capabilities highlight FM radio, a music player, which is compatible with WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WMA, and MP3, a video player that comes along with different features, such as 3GP, WMV, AVI, M4V and MP4. The system also delivers SRS surround sound, which is meant to provide a great sound experience.

A Few Conclusive Ideas:

Obviously, you are curious whether the HTC Amaze 4G was able to perform up to our expectations or not. Well, we can say that the phone is an awesome 4G device, which can definitely revive your day with a unique experience. And if you are going to get a few extra batteries, you will have no problems to spend a truly great time while on the go.


Based on the plan that you are going to select through, you can get the great HTC Amaze 4G for a price tag that ranges between $50 and $200.

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