HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone

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The new HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone is a fantastic phone and it comes shipped with Google Android Honeycomb version which includes fantastic features such as a music player, radio, a brilliant audio player, fantastic camera support for brilliant pictures, superb WiFi options and many other fantastic features.

The HTC Evo system will support better battery life which is all down to better power saving facility’s that the phone offers.

The Evo will actually be supporting SD cards for additional memory and the great thing about SD card support is that it is actually classed as removable media meaning you can take content from the device and actually play it on multiple devices.

The HTC Evo will support 3D content so that the videos and gaming features can be improved with many new 3 dimensional elements meaning that everything is more interactive and it will render in a more realistic way.

HTC EVO Android 3.0 Phone

The great thing about this new device and brilliant new software update from Google Android running the HTC Evo 3.0 systems is that there are brilliant new features such as the interactive lock screen, this means that even though the actual device is locked you can still get all the latest updates and everything is fully interactive so you can see the time, date and you can also see if you have had any SMS messages and also social media updates from sites like twitter, Google + and obviously Facebook as well as YouTube the video hosting and video sharing website.

There is also brilliant support for interactive features on the home screen and also the interactive menus have been revamped giving it a more finer, more professional touch meaning the phone is more visually appealing and can rival the apple iPhone.

The main thing that HTC have tried to bring into the Evo line running the 3.0 service is the fact that is actually faster. They really try to focus on the speed of getting everything done, whether its browsing though the actual home screen, the application market or surfing the web or actually sending an email, this new device and updated software really speeds everything up making it brilliant to use.

It also comes with something called HTC watch which is a new features for all new HTC devices. It allows you to download and stream Hollywood movies and TV shows and brings everything right in front of you and at your finger tips so all you need to do is select what TV show or what Hollywood movie to ‘watch’ and it will display right away using there fantastic 4G download content delivery network service which is all cloud based.

HTC also plan to bring elements of the Evo 3.0 update to tablet devices in the near future, so everything that is included on there smart phones is also included on there tablet devices on a much bigger screen meaning that you can watch movies, watch TV shows, take pictures, listen to audio and also browse the web and send email using similar features to the phone but on a tablet computer which is more productive as there is a bigger surface area to navigate and view content from.

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