Verizon HTC Rezound Official Upgrade Announced To ICS- No Hope For Jelly Bean

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Extreme buzz of Jelly Bean 4.1 android seems like did not reach deeply to Verizon. In fact on only Verizon mobile, there are lots of career and even lots of android phone manufacturer are not upgrading their android phones to the buttery Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

Amazingly around 85% of the android phone is running on good old android 2.3 gingerbread and the report of ICS shows it running on only 10% of the android devices. Its seems like Google is running too faster than its device upgrades.

Upgrades slower than Google Android updates?

Google updates for android is obviously tough for android phone career and manufacturer, saying so the current update for Verizon mobile’s HTC Rezound is not going so far to Jelly Bean 4.1, rather android 4.x is going to be installable on HTC Rezound phone about end of this month.

HTC Rezound was running Android 2.3 gingerbread from long time and its users were waiting to get an official upgrade from long time though. Now long time without any news of upgrade Verizon mobile customer support department broadcasted a good news email with a confirmation of upgrade of gingerbread to Ice cream sandwich. The mentioned that it will available on end of July with a final push on early August.

HTC announced very beginning with hope of ICS on HTC Rezound, it was even before launched on Verizon mobile. This current was supposed to be a lot before this time.

As overall ICS roll out to devices was not with very much speed i think its not appropriate to blame on only Verizon about this late roll out of ice cream sandwich on HTC Rezound.

Even though there is no fixed date for the roll out, i think nothing to worry about it for further delay on roll out. But the question here is how long it would take to roll out of extreme android 4.1 ? May be lot more later than this. Surprisingly after anouncment of the very new android 4.1 very recently there are some rumors about the next android. Rumor is also buzzing a name called Key Lime Pie!


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