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These days, there is a lot of battle in the smartphone market. Different companies are trying their best to take lead from each other. Android smartphone have really become famous all over the globe and this is the same thing that is bringing more companies in this industry.

Today, we are going to take a look at the new android smartphone introduced by Huawei that is making a good name in android phone industry these days. To begin with, I must say that this is not a high-end android phone but if you are looking for a simple and easy android handset then this is a good option for you.

Huawei Activa 4G


Looking at the CPU; there is Qualcomm MSM76271 CPU installed in this device having a clock speed of 800Mhz. Since, this is not a High-End Smartphone so it uses only a single core processor. Nothing can be said about the RAM of this smartphone but it is speculated to be around 256MB or 512MB.

Internal storage of this device is only 150MB which is not good enough. However, if you want to increase the storage space of this handset, you can use a MicroSD Card. The handset can support MicroSD card up to 32GB.

The rear camera of this handset is of 5MP and the front view camera that can be used for video calling is of 0.3MP. The camera has auto focus feature available and it also comes with a LED flash light.


The most basic sensors that are required in any smartphone these days are available in this handset. There is accelerometer, Ambient light feature and Proximity sensor too.

Cellular Networks & Connectivity

This handset can support CDMA cellular network, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network as well. CDMA bands include 800, 1700 and 2100. This device also has Wi-Fi enables as well. So, you can also use internet on ACTIVA 4G with the help of Wi-Fi technology.

This handset can also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. So, if you want to use high speed internet via your mobile phone then you can use a 4G connection and divert it to Wi-Fi hotspot of your smartphone. Bluetooth is another connectivity option for this low-end smartphone.


The screen size of this smartphone is only 3.5 inch which is good for a low-end smartphone. The screen resolution is 320×480 Pixels and LCD screen is used in handset.

Weight & Dimensions

The weight of the smartphone is only 139 grams which is good for any kind of handset these days. Height of the handset is 4.80 inch; width is 2.42 inch whereas the depth is only 0.42 inch.


Android OS 2.3 Ginger Bread is pre-installed in this device. Due to low-end specifications, this device cannot be upgraded to latest versions of Android OS.


Overall, this handset is quite good for those who want to use Android for the first time. But if you are an Old android user then you will not like using this smartphone much. Looking at the specs, this handset can only be placed in the category of Low-End Android Smartphones.

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