Install ClockworkMod Recovery Automatically In Sony Ericson Xperia Phones

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Sony Ericsson Xperia phones are one of the most famous phones till date because they boast good looks and with specs that delivers some very impressive performance. One of the most popular phones from Sony Ericsson is the Arc S which has become a symbol for pleasure and entertainment.

The phone is among the best looking phones and most users already use it upto 80% of its full potential. Wouldn’t you like to unleash the complete 100% of Arc S? You can and if you research the internet on how to achieve that you will come across many guides which will help you to do it.

But some of the guides are not easy to understand especially to a new android user who will just get confused with all the new terms such as rooting and enabling ADB shell and such.

If you get confused during the rooting process or flashing procedure you can end up bricking your device which can cause you a lot of trouble. In such cases you need a custom recovery installed on your phone which can restore the previous installation very easily.

But installing custom recovery depends on which brand phone you are using so the installation procedure ranges from extremely easy to hard and downright annoying. As for Sony Ericsson phone installing the custom recovery couldn’t get any more difficult than it already is.

Xperia CWM Auto-Installer

Now all Sony Ericsson Xperia Owners rejoice because a new app with the name Xperia CWM Auto-Installer has become available which will allow you to install ClockworkMod Recovery very easy.

The android app was designed for all the xperia phones that were released in the year 2011 and if you own a phone from last year then you should definitely give this app a try.

To install this app you need to have a rooted phone and android 2.3 installed. You cannot use this app on any other phones as it was specifically designed for the xperia phones.

After you have installed this app and launch it, it will present you with a nice check list of options which includes the option to install CWM and also to reboot your phone. No more prompts for installation.

Other option that you will find in Xperia CWM Auto-Installer is the option to create a Nandroid backup with the tap of a button. With this option you wont have to always reboot in recovery to create a backup of your phone.

Nandroid backup will create a complete backup of your phone including all your settings and files. So when something goes wrong with the installation of a custom firmware then you can easily restore your previous installation without much worry.

The app has been reported to work without any problems on devices such as Xperia Arc, Arc S, Active, Play and Neo. Other users have also reported they have successfully managed to run the app in the phone which is not covered in the list.

Xperia CWM Auto-Installer is available for free in the android market so download it and give it a try. Do let us know how it went for you and what you think about this new app.

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