Is Galaxy S3 A Worthy Successor Over Galaxy S2 Part 2

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We saw the release of the Galaxy S3 which has taken the mobile world by storm. It has many new features and also provides an improved performance that leaves all other mobile devices in a cloud of dust.

In our last post we were comparing the Galaxy S3 with the Galaxy S2 to see whether it was a worthy successor to the last years king of droids. Read on to find out in what ways the Galaxy S3 is better than Galaxy S2.

Camera Comparison

The rumors that were circulating around before the device was released hinted at 12MP camera for the Galaxy S3. Unfortunately the rumors were false and the device carries an 8MP camera that is the same camera unit that is found in the Galaxy S2.

Samsung have made sure to made many improvements to the camera of the device to keep it from being outdated. Unfortunately the image quality is almost same as that image quality that you can get from the camera of the Galaxy S2. The camera image quality improvement has come to a standstill. Although Samsung has performed some tweaks that make the captured image appear very sharp and crisp.

Galaxy S3 camera has many features that will allow you to enjoy mobile photography to maximum. The pictures are taken much faster and the shutter lag is almost gone. You also get burst mode where the device takes a series of 20 pictures and recommends you the best one.

The device also manages to capture 1080p videos along with 720p videos. Samsung have also added a feature that will allow you to capture still images during video recording. Let’s be honest the camera of Galaxy S2 also captures splendid images and the video capturing is also excellent.

So in terms of camera there hasn’t been much improvement other than some upgrades in the operation of the camera.

Storage Comparison

In Galaxy S3 Samsung have made sure you will never run out storage space because the device comes in three variant 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storages. This can further be expanded with a microSD card which supports up to 64 GB of card.

If you think that isn’t enough for your multimedia needs then Samsung are also offering 50 GB of Dropbox cloud storage for 3yrs. Now that much space is very difficult to use up.

Galaxy S2 was only available in 16 or 32 GB of internal storage options but you could expand the storage with microSD card up to another 32 GB. Although you are not getting the 50 GB of dropbox storage but you can always purchase additional cloud storage via the dropbox app that is available from the Play Store.


In my opinion the Galaxy S3 is a worthy successor to the Galaxy S2. It sports the world’s fastest processor with a beautiful design. Although you can say the camera remains the same but the changes that Samsung have made to the Android 4.0 is definitely worth it.

Galaxy S3 is the best android device to be released as of yet.

So what do you think? Is galaxy S3 worth the title of the emperor of android world and a worthy successor to the famous Galaxy S2 or not. Do let us know.

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