Janetter : The Best Twitter Client App Which Allows to Access Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

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As everyone know,Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world. Eventhough, Twitter has its own official app, they are usually limited, and third party developers have been making client apps and tend to add extra and interesting features to those apps.

Recently, a new comer namely Janetter has been appeared which was created by Jane, Inc. If you are a Twitter user and have a thought about to using a client to access it more comfortably, then Janetter will absolutely suitable for you. It is a Twitter client that is very easy to use, with various designs and practical functions. It offers several themes to choose from 27 standard themes, or create your own custom theme.

You can read your friends Tweets in a real time. It has multiple twitter account it allows you to login to three accounts simultaneously. Managing the three twitter accounts at the same time would not confuse you because Janetter displays the username at the top of the app screen.

It further contains event notifications, customizable wallpaper, Font and Display format. Janetter provide the option to mute or silence from a specific user or containing a particular word. In the Settings screen you can also choose how your re-tweet or RT would look like. You can choose between two different formats.

The advanced features of the Janetter are Automatic Updates, Pop-up Translation, Keyboard Shortcuts, Unread Management and Support for Shortened URLs. Another more positive aspects of Twitter is that when you wants to add photos to your tweets, you can able to choose from different photo upload services to upload your photo to Twitter, Twitpic, yFrog, Mobypictures and Twipple etc.

Highlighted Features of Janetter app:

  • One of the significant feature of Janetter app is it allows you to access multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Supports the visualization of various timelines in a single screen
  • Allows to show miniatures images below the tweets.
  • View the updates published by your contacts in real-time.
  • Notifications each time that new direct messages and tweets are received.
  • Variety of designs
  • Realtime Update
  • High Speed Performance
  • Multiple Time-Line Viewer
  • Customizable Wall Papers, Font and Format
  • Mute Users, Words and applications
  • Automatic Update
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Connecting Janetter app to your Twitter account is quite easy. Just tap “Connect to Twitter” and you will be asked to login to your Twitter account. So, if you are a regular user of Twitter; check out the Janetter and enjoy its features.

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