Jelly Bean 4.1 Face Unlock: You Can’t Fake It Now, Blink To Unlock Your Android

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Among all other ice cream sandwich criticism the one was bit funny and funky-Face unlock. Actually it was quick face unlock by recognizing the face. The idea of the face unlock no doubt great and obviously convenient that typing out password.

But the system was vulnerable that if anyone tries to fake it by flashing a still photograph in front of phone was able to unlock. The security issues of the android with quick face unlock then becomes the issue of criticism and got lots of funky word s for it.

As it is Big G Google and its kind of ego hurting of Google to fool their system like this and when it is a issue of security of android it was not a silly criticism to Google guy’s.

Recognition of photo is not a tiny fact and unlocking phone by face recognition was not also a silly issue.  It’s all credit as criticized by just because of losing the legitimacy of the unlocking system.

Blink to Unlock: Show you are not a piece of paper

Google guy’s was not giving up taking their system up to the mark and featuring like face unlocking was not and issuing to give up. And their acknowledgement and dedication to resolve the legitimacy issue of Quick Face Unlock is now with a new exciting fact to discuss.

And this is a part of exhilaration of Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Now Quick Face Unlock is truly legitimate and the system is not possible to fake it by flashing the photo. The simple reason is now to unlock your phone with quick face unlock you have to flash your eye brows and now more flashing photo is working.

This is a perfect and extreme level of artificial intelligence and Google has shown it again with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.


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