Jury Declaration- Apple wins in the Apple vs. Samsung Case

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The declaration of huge win to Apple by the Jury on Friday revealed that Samsung owes Apple just more than 1$ Billion in Damages.

The reaction from both Apple as well as Samsung has been experienced as the sudden impacts on their trade levels. It should be clearly visible that both companies would file various issues as the Jury came to know that Samsung Galaxy Tab don’t copyright the Apple’s ipad.

Detailed Analysis:

There were 9 members in the Jury-comprising 8 technical experts and 1 Engineer who was 60 years old named Velvin Hogan also known as the Foreman of the Jury.

He analyzed that Apple’s argument were quite persuasive in the Jury room prior to Samsung’s specifications that implied Samsung as a willful infringement through a video evidence.

He also said that the Jury Apple’s damages demanded up to 2.75$ Billion that were unexpectedly very high.It was sufficiently high to be painful but not unreasonable.

All these factors were taken into considerations and Jury decided to check each and every device of Samsung carefully to determine the Depravity of Samsung.

According to CNET interview it was also known that from the first day it was realized that Apple would win in the Verdict. This was clearly demonstrated by a member of Jury named Maneul Llagan, that Samsung was somewhere wrong and there was a clear cut Depravity by Samsung .

He also said that although the result was out in 21 hours but they had to check each and evry evidence carefully.

He Intelligently told that the proofs of the e-mails sent by Samsung for Apple were really astonishing their trade levels and depicting the considerations of Apple as its win in the Verdict.

This happened as a swift video proof showed all evidences about Samsung’s infringement.But he also questioned on the Designs of devices of Samsung as a copy of the designs of Apple. He wisely answered that after all these circumstances still the android king Samsung would recover soon and not commit mistakes in future.

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