Keep A Track Of Signal Strengths Of Various Connections in Your Android Device With The Help Of The Signal Booster Apps

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Sometimes when are walking by most of the time we don’t notice the signal strength of our carrier. Especially in the areas where there are high rise buildings getting good signal is difficult so as a result neither our 3G connection nor the voice quality on the calls that we get are good enough.

Tired of having low signal strength causing your calls to cut at the middle of your conversation? Here are the apps that will help you keeping your calls uninterrupted in your android device.

1.  OpenSignalMaps

This app shows exactly where you need to be if you are walking around and searching for a small hint of signal to keep your conversation or 3G/EDGE download uninterrupted.  This app directs you to the nearest spot with a strong cellular or Wi-Fi strength.

You can use a map, radar or compass-like features to direct you to the spot with the strongest cellular reception. Moreover, this app can also help you get strong Wi-Fi signals in case you want to take advantage of free Wi-Fi. This app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

2.  Network Signal Info

This is another free app which comes in handy if you wish to find out the real signal strength for both your Wi-Fi and cellular network. The app is fairly simple to use as widgets, it gives higher of the signal strength received by your android device resolution (12 bars compared to conventional 5 bars). Give it a shot by downloading from the Google Play Store.

3.  Fresh Network Booster

This app gives you a network boost by connecting to the nearest cellular tower with the strongest signal. It has a very simple design and is very easy to use; it is certainly one of the best apps which come in handy, download it for free from Google Play Store.

4. Network Signal Speed Booster

This app is extremely simple to use, it is designed to improve your signal reception for your phone. It automatically connects to the strongest signal available without having you to walk around or scrolling through different options. Check it out at the Google Play Store for free.

5. Wi-Fi Overview 360

You can use this free app available from Google Play Store to manage your Wi-Fi connections. This app filters out the different Wi-Fi signals received by your android device and displays in terms of channel number, name, signal strength and encryption.

So now you can easily figure out which Wi-Fi connection to use with the help of its graphical representations of all the wireless networks available. Use this app to optimize your Wi-Fi network connections.

6. Wi-Fi Analyzer

This is a great free app which is best used for public Wi-Fi connections. The app organizes and shows graphical representations of the Wi-Fi connections available with overlapping signal strengths. With this, you can now filter out the Wi-Fi signals you wish to connect to and avoid the choppy Wi-Fi connections. Download it for free from Google Play Store.

7.  Wi-Fi Connect

his is a pretty neat app that shows bits of paper allowing you organize the different Wi-Fi connections available that can be sorted in terms of signal strength, channel number, IP numbers, etc. You won’t lose your previous Wi-Fi information with this app as it keeps a record of the connections your phone made. Download it for free from Google Play Store.


So there you have some of the apps that will let you know the signal strength of the connection that you are using. If you come across some other apps then do let us know.

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