Lawyers And Attorneys Here Are Some Of The Best Android Apps That Will Help You Out In Your Cases

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Android has been  progressively evolving at such a high pace that you don’t need to carry bulky books with you anymore instead you can have the entire database in your hand and look up a key phrase or word and get their meaning instantly.

Doctors have their smartphones which contains all the medical condensed text which allows them to look up references in a matter of seconds. So now lawyers and attorneys don’t have to worry because we have compiled a list of apps for you from the Play Store that will help you to get legal reference materials with simple taps.

So read on to find out the apps that will help you out in your job or in your classes.

1.     The Law Guide/ Dictionary

Law students have it tough because they have to carry heavy books around and carrying so many heavy books isn’t only tiring but it looks like you don’t have any confidence. Do away with all those books and download the law guide/ dictionary app for free from the play store.

This app is also useful for lawyers during their job as it will allow you to look up legal terms along with their meaning in a few taps rather than going through thick and heavy books. It also helps you to look up answers to your queries by going through various law forums.

2.     dLaw

After you have installed this app you will realize that you don’t need those heavy law books anymore because you have all the reference materials related to all different rules right in your android device. The app will allow access to federal rules of civil procedure, evidence, procedure, bankruptcy procedure in US and many more.

The app also features an RSS reader that will provide you with daily news and blogs on latest development and rules. You can also bookmark the searches that you have made so that you can access them later. You can also download the database so that you can view the reference material offline.

3.     PocketJustice

If you have ever wanted to keep up to with the proceedings of the Supreme Court then your wish has been granted because Pocketjustice will allow you access to abstracts of the courts constitutional decisions along with its public sessions.

You can also access the decision made, who voted and what and each person contributed to the proceedings. Not only that you can also access the top 100 cases and listen to hours after hours of court recordings to get an inside knowledge on the proceeding. The best part of this app is that it’s available for free in the play store.

4.     smartLEGES

This app smartleges will allow you to have all the laws right on your hand because this app has been called the best law manager for android. This app will allow you access to thousands document involved with different laws and also various constitutional laws that even normal people can take advantage of.

The best part of this app is that it will not only allow you access to American law but also to laws of different countries such as Spain, France, Brazil and more. Give this app a try as its available for free from the play store.


So there you have some of the apps that will help an aspiring lawyer in your daily life. Do let us know which app you found to be good and also if there are any other apps that will help you out do let us know

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