Lexibook Launches Two Android Tablets for Kids – Junior Tablet and Master Tablet

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Lexibook, a French-based tech manufacturer released two new kid-friendly android tablets namely Junior Tablet and Master Tablet. These tablets combines with educational, multimedia and interactive activities empowering the children to play and learn. Let’s take a detailed look of Lexibook tablet:

When children using these Lexibook tablets, learning becomes fun. Kids create and personalize their own avatar on a fun, virtual learning experience. The Lexibook Power academy app has 500 interactive memos that use fun quizzes and tests to increase the kid’s knowledge on a variety of subjects, including English, Maths, History and Geography.

Two hundred pre loaded e-books are sorted by age-appropriate categories. The 15 language translator helps the kids to soar to the top of their class- it is one of the perfect way for kids to learn their first words in French or Chinese.
And Moreover, the Lexibook tablets offer a host of creative activities to discover and enjoy new hobbies both alone and with friends. These tablets are a gateway to even and more fun via a gaming platform with access to thousands of downloadable games and 25 pre installed games.

Audio player:

Lexibook tablets also provides rich multimedia content for active users to enjoy while on the move. Kids can enjoy music and stories via audio-player with direct access to Spotify (a source of nearly unlimited music). One of the peculiar feature of the lexibook tablet is that it has a facility for double headphone input so that two kids can enjoy the music together.

Video Player:

The video player in this tablet supports most of the video formats to access an entire multimedia universe of videos and cartoons.


Finally, there is a camera for kids to take photos and then use photo editing software to customize them, using photo cropping, morphing, color management and picture frame functions.


The tablet’s built in high speed Wi-Fi provides reliable web access. Its fast and secure download center gives the children’s to access over 10,000 apps including the free apps. Additionally, kids can use My Weather app to check Outdoor activities to plan for each day. One Interesting thing in this tablet is the Lexibook Protect web browser and Lexibook Market incorporate advanced parental controls that filter out any apps that are not suitable for the children’s.

Battery life:

Lexibook tablets are powered by a long life rechargeable battery that support 5 hours of continuous use or upto 3 days in stand by mode. No need to spend extra money on batteries!

Lexibook Junior tablet:

It has 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels resolution, being powered by a 1 GHz CPU. It further comes with microSD support with 32 GB of storage. It further includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, an 0.3 MP camera, micro USB 2.0, and a 4,000 mAh battery only capable of around six hours of autonomy between charges. It is available in the price range of $ 149.99.

Lexibook Master Tablet:

This tablet is designed for more matured children, based simply on its design and name, although its only tech specs known right now are identical to the ones of the Junior Tablet (800 x 480 display, 4 GB of storage, Wi-Fi, microSD, Lexibook Market access).

With their intuitive kid-friendly interface, touch screen, Micro SD card slot for upto 32 GB of additional memory and gravity sensor the Lexibook Master tablets are sophisticated technology at an attractive price!

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