Make Free Local And International Calls With VoIP Apps For Android

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There is lots of app in the android market that will allow you to make local and international calls for free. In one of our previous post we provided a guide for you that allow you to make free international calls to USA and Canada.

But in this post we will outline some of the apps that will help you to make free local as well international calls through your android phone. This can be done with the help of unlimited data plan or the Wi-Fi hotspots that are available country wide.

Read on to find out the apps that we have collected from the Play Store.

1.     Fring

This is a very popular app that existed before skype came in to play. Fring used to offer free video and voice calls to other users provided that they also have fring installed on their device.

Fring is available for iOS and Symbian devices so as a result you can get to call your friends for free. You can also do conference video calls which support up to 4 people. Download this app for free from the Play store.

2.     Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is also another free app that lets you make free calls to other nimbuzz app. Although it lacks the support for video calls but you can get to share various types of files with other users. The support for this app ranges from android to iOS to nokia phones.

This app is also available on the desktop where you can log on and make calls to your friends who have the app installed on their phone. You can also chat with them through the web chat feature of the app.

3.     Qik

If you have been looking for a nifty video calling app then Qik is the best app for you because it offers video calling with the ability for you to broadcast it among your friends and as well as uploading the video to services such as Youtube, Facebook.

The only requirement for broadcasting video calls is that the other party should have Qik installed on their device. Qik can be used on phone that ranges from Android to iOS and other device. It’s a multi-platform app.

4.     Skype

Any list of free voice calling or video calling apps is not complete without the mention of Skype. Skype has dominated the list because of its crystal clear video quality over 3G as well as Wi-Fi.

You can make regular landline calls or international calls at very affordable rate but it requires you to purchase the credit from their website. The app allows you to add contacts and chat with them also send and receive files.

5.     Viber

Viber in the coming times has gained popularity and is almost a rival to skype. The only drawback is that you can’t do video calls through Viber. The plus point of viber is that you can replace your existing dialer with viber as a result you can call your viber contact directly.

In addition you can chat with the contacts in your phone book if they have viber installed. You can even send and receive files from the contacts. The voice quality is also clear. Do give viber a try from the Play Store.


So there you have some of the apps through which you can call free to other contacts no matter if they are in another country or not. Do let us know which app you feel is the best and any other app that you have come across.

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