Make Free WI-FI Calls From Android

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Making free calls over the Wi-Fi from your android device isn’t something new but has been available for quite some time. If you have already tried this then you must be familiar with apps such as sipdroid or csipsimple.  These apps after you have installed them in your phone you need to set them up.

Setting those apps to make free calls are a headache because you also have to set up the Google voice callback, pbxes or some other settings that you need to for call forward. Majority of the users give up the entire process either they do not understand the entire procedure or it isn’t worth to spend so much time just to try setting up the app.

Introducing GrooVe IP

Well now it just got easier after the introduction of GrooVe IP. With this app there are no more complicated settings that you need to go through and also setting this app just requires a couple of minutes. This app works really well and you don’t need any kind of special step by step guide to set the calling feature. All you need is a Google voice account and you’re done.

If you have used Google Talk before then you won’t feel very surprised at the entire process because groove IP connects to the Google voice directly to make and receive the calls. After installing this app make sure that you have checked the call forwarding options from the settings. You can use this app with your existing Google account also. Moreover you can use this app from your phone while at the same time you’re using the Google chat from your PC.

Groove IP also features its own dialer and you’re also given the option to use the phones native dialer or the app’s dialer as default. This app works the best when you’re connected via WI-FI because sometimes over 3G the connection can be shaky. It’s also useful at places where you get no 3G signals but you have a WI-FI ready and you can set up the app to connect over the WI-FI and its runs silently in the background. The flexibility of this app is that you can set it up that whenever there is no cellular network available grove IP should silently log in to the WI-FI network so that you are able to receive calls.

The call quality is absolutely amazing. There are no dropped calls or even there is no disturbance in the network. You will be making and receiving calls via the Google’s servers so the call is excellent. The incoming and outgoing calls will be using your GV number.

This app is worth every penny for people who are having difficulty with their cellular network or if you’re facing the catastrophe of dropped calls because of buggy 3G signals. This app is available to you from the android market at one time charge of $4.99 and you’re assured that it’s worth it. The apps developer is active and is making sure to trouble shoot any problems that you may face. There are constant updates to the app so you can rest easy and use the app to make free and clear calls.

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