Make The Voice Action In Android Work Well

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Google introduced the Voice action in android when Android Froyo 2.2 was released. It paved the way for many voice guided apps that are available in the android market today.

Although the voice action is not as sophisticated as SIRI which is found in iPhone 4S but it still enabled the user to interact with their device and give basic commands which the device carried out.

There are many voice actions app available in the android market but some of them do aren’t able to work properly even though a command is given but before we delve in further how to make the voice work perfectly let’s take a look at some of the commands available in voice action.

Commands That Are Available In Voice Action

  1. The most simple and basic command in voice action is the contact option. Just say “Call” along with the contact name along with the phone type (mobile or home) and the call will be placed.
  2. When you want to send an SMS. Just say “send text” and the name of the contact along with the message. Same goes for the email just say “send email” and the mail will be sent.
  3. Browsing the web is simplified. Instead of typing out the entire URL just say “Go to or open” and the website address and you will be redirected to the website. If voice action is unable to find the website then it will search Google and display you the results.
  4. You can even say “navigate” and the maps will open up and you can set the destination by street address.
  5. For music fans this will be a treat because they can just say “listen to” with the song name and album name and the default android music app will open and start playing the music

Voice action is really useful when your hands are busy especially when you are driving and you need to place a call or send SMS or Email. Just dictate and it’s done.

Personalizing the Voice Action

Sometimes the voice action app isn’t able to understand the commands that you dictated or isn’t able to recognize the voice then you can go to settings menu and tweak the Google voice input.

You can choose the language which the device is able to understand. You can also specify the whether you want safe search enable or not.

You can also make voice action remember your voice pattern so that in future the voice action can easily understand your speech pattern and provide more accurate functions.


Voice action is a very interactive way of communicating with your device and making the device do exactly what you want when you are busy. SIRI took it one step further by enabling you to find different search queries by going through various search results and saying the results which matches your query.

Voice action on the other hand gets the job done on your device. Control your device hands free which apple fans might have forgotten with the introduction of SIRI.

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