Make Your Phone Look Like Honeycomb For Tablet With Honeycomb 3D

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You must have read one of our posts which talks about the Android Honeycomb OS which was primarily designed for the tablets. You might have been attracted by the various new eye candies that the Honeycomb provides which is not available in Android 2.3.

Well don’t worry because now you can also enjoy the Honeycomb eye candy in your android phone without the need for purchasing a honeycomb tablet just to enjoy the UI experience. This is possible because of a new theme called Honeycomb 3D that will provide you with major UI overhaul of your android phone.

The best part about this theme is that new functionality is being added to it to make the UI experience very enjoyable. To enable you to enjoy the Honeycomb goodies on your device we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to install the theme in your phone.


  1. If you want to use the Honeycomb 3D theme then you need to root your device.
  2. After rooting your device you need to install the CyanogenMod 7 custom ROM because you need to use the Theme Chooser app because Honeycomb 3D will only work with the Theme Chooser app
  3. Visit the Play store and download the Honeycomb 3D theme and install it on your device.
  4. Now go to your Theme chooser and apply the theme.
  5. You have to reboot your phone for the theme to be applied
  6. After rebooting your phone you can enjoy the Honeycomb goodies right on your phone and along with many other eye candies that aren’t available in Honeycomb

The latest version of the Honeycomb 3D features are:

  • 3D full color style status/notification icons
  • High resolution 3D images have been redesigned from Honeycomb, Sense MIUI, UOT, XDA and Google
  • This theme will also theme most of the apps that are installed on your device
  • Honeycombed common application icon
  • New status bar and UI animations included in the theme

You can also download other similar themes from the Play store and give them a try but the best one we found is Honeycomb 3D which gives almost 70% of the honeycomb experience along with many new eye candies.

You have to install CyanogenMod 7 for this process to work because the Theme engine in CM7 is able to completely theme your app icons and also apply new animations to the Android UI along with status bar.

You can also download the Ice cream sandwich theme and apply it to enjoy the ICS styled icons and animations. Through this process you can get a sneak peak at what the different android OS have in store for you albeit if its only the themes and icons.

Do let us know if you have used the Honeycomb 3D theme on your android phone and how you felt after using the theme. If you have used some other themes or the best theme in your opinion then do mention it in the comments section.

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