Making Modifications with Clockwork Combiner-Combine Flashable Zips (Version 1.5)

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Most of the Android users are often would like to flashing a new ROM in their device. But one of the most painful parts of flashing a new ROM is all the repeated flashes that need to be done for themes and modifications, especially if you love to tweak your device.

A very big thanks to the Forum member jcspecs, who has come with a work of Clockwork combiner. This tool will assist you in returning the mods and themes back on to a newly flashed device. It works by combining several zips into one zip that can be flashed with ease.

This tool done this work by combining the scripts into one, and adding all the files into one zip for the script to unpack. Please be aware that the zips must be compatible with your device. One of the biggest strength of this tool is its simplicity and ease of use.


  • Combine flashable .zip into one flashable .zip
  • Re-order .zips for specific flashing order.
  • Signing of combined .zip.
  • Optional output location.

DISCLAIMER : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. If anything goes wrong then we would not be held responsible for that.

How to Create zips:

1. First download and extract the program.

2. Run the program

3. After that hit the settings button and set up an output directory or leave it as the default (program location)

4. Then select the zips you wish to combine.

5. Add a name for the combined file.

6. Select advanced settings to apply any settings to the generation of the script.

7. Wait for them to load (the combine button will become usable)

8. Click combine button to join the zips into one zip.

9. The file will be put into a folder named final outputs within the output directory you have specified.

10. Wait until the processes has been finished (windows should provide progress windows)

11. Click the sign button if you wish to sign the zip.

TIP: Remove the unnecessary files from combined zips to reduce combined zip size.

How to Use zips:

1. Copy the zip to the android device

2. Boot into the recovery (Note that it requires custom recovery)

3. Perform a Nandroid backup of your device (If you do not perform this step then it is your responsibility if something goes wrong)

4. Flash the combined zip file.

NOTE : This is a beta version of the software and as such, it may contain glitches and problems. And also be aware that this program requires Dot net framework 4.0 and the signing component requires the Java Runtime.

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