Making VoIP Calls Just Got Easier With Mobile VoIP

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VOIP calls are one of the cheapest ways to make international calls without worrying about extra charges or any other form charges. There are numerous sites available that allows you to create free account and make VOIP calls to numerous countries at a very affordable and reasonable rate. You will be surprised at the rates that some VOIP sites offer which are very cheap and you can easily purchase the credits required from the site.

Now that’s easy to say when you’re in front of your PC you can just install the VOIP application of the site from which you bought the credits and make calls. But what about when you’re on the move and you just have your smartphone and 3G or 4G connectivity with you? Well not to worry android has made it easier to make VOIP calls to any destination and it doesn’t matter which VOIP sites credit you bought. All you have to remember is your username and password and your ready.

MOBILE VOIP is the app which makes it possible to make the lowest rate VoIP calls ever.

Procedure For Making VoIP

  1. First you need an account with a VoIP provider such as Rynga or Jumblo or any other VoIP provider of your choosing.
  2. You need to create an account in their site and buy the amount of credits you require.
  3. Now open android market from your device and search for Mobile VoIP. Once you get it install it.
  4. It will ask for verification and also you can set up your mobile number so that the person who is receiving your VOIP call will be able to identify you through your number.
  5. Log in with your user name and password that you provided while signing up with one of the VoIP provider.
  6. Mobile VoIP doesn’t allow you to choose a VoIP provider but do not be worried because mobile VoIP is registered with majority of VoIP providers so it just takes your username and password to locate the provider you signed up with.
  7. After you signed in at the top will be displayed the amount of credits that you signed up with or the amount of credits remaining after your done making a call.
  8. Mobile VoIP is a great application because not only does it allow you to make international calls at a very affordable rate but it also allows you to send international SMS at affordable rates and you will be assured that the recipient receives it.
  9. Making a call is easy just select the contact from within the Mobile VoIP app as it also shows your address book and make sure to select VoIP call.
  10. The connection is very clear and also it shows the timer during call.
  11. For sending SMS you just select the recipient from the contacts list and select SMS and off you go typing the SMS.
  12. The app also maintains a complete history of how many VoIP calls you made and the duration you have talked for.

Mobile VoIP is one of the most highly popular VoIP apps and most importantly it’s a FREE app. So don’t worry anymore just install this app and off you go making international calls at the most cheapest and affordable rates.


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