Maluuba : An App to Perform Tasks with Voice Commands on Android Smartphone

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Our life become smarter by using the Android smartphones. Here is a very good app to make your life further smarter with smartphone.

The app is called Maluuba. This app performs multiple tasks with voice commands on Android. It lets you to speak anything to your android and work accordingly.

Maluuba app- reminder

Once you speak with that app it analyzes your speech and convert the same in task output on Android. The tasks include movie show timings, get directions, search events, search restaurants, Update Facebook status, Set alarm, set reminders and much more.

Once you speak out the task to the Maluuba app it start to analyze about your task and within a while it will show you the result on android screen.


Basically, the Maluuba app gives you three areas of searching.

1. Explore:

It allows you to select what you want to look for.

2. Search:

It allows you to search anything on web.

3. My Day:

It allows you to sync your Facebook to get birthday updates, attend a show, upcoming events, creating an event, setting up a reminder and setting up an alarm.

The Maluuba android app is the best alternative to Skyvi app for Android and Siri for iPhone. Skyvi for android is a virtual assistance for android to ask question and the app will answer for all that questions.


On top of this app, it allows you to update Facebook status via voice commands. Just say “status update” and the app will let you to update the status on Facebook via Android.

Features of Maluuba app:

  • It recognize your speech and perform tasks accordingly.
  • Further it works with GPS and search anything on the web.
  • It has beautiful interface with easy options to use.
  • It allows you to sync with your Google Account.
  • It sets the temperature unit, distance unit, web search engine and language.

If you want to install this Maluuba app in your android smartphone then get that from here. The GPS Support, set alarm/reminder, Update Facebook status etc are the great things of this android app. So, just make a try and tell us how it works.

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