Manage Your Household With Android Apps

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Managing your family can be tough especially when you have a very hectic work schedule because of which you can forget to either do some important shopping or missed an important family event.

Since the introductions of android smartphones our life has become easier thanks to the different number of apps that are available in Google Play store which comes to use at different point in time. You now have an app for almost everything.

Since you are a family man or woman and working hard to make your family happy, android is now more than happy to lend you a hand. So we have outlined some of the best android apps that will help you to manage your family and make your family number one priority in your hectic work life.

1.  Cozi Family Organizer

This is a very useful app for moms. This app will provide you with a free shareable calendar on which you can set the dates and different things to do that are related with your family. Best part about this is that you can share this calendar with your other family members so that they are aware of your schedule.

With this app you can inform your family when you will be late from work. This app is also useful in avoiding conflicts between you schedule because you can set the reminder as to when your child’s must watch school activity is coming up so that you can postpone your work to another appropriate time.


2.  Family Locater

If you are worried about your children where they go after school and what place they hang out at or you are suspecting your partner of cheating then Family locater will help you to ease your worries. According to the developer this app is very accurate and efficient on battery while providing a very efficient service to you.

This app is able to track the location of your family member in real time and uses GPS, WI-FI and triangulation to approximate their position. This app also offers you the bread crumb history through which you can see where your family member has been. The app features many more options which make it a worthwhile app for your family.


3.  Grocery IQ

This is another useful app for managing your family. This isn’t just another app with which you can keep track about groceries but you can use this app to purchase your groceries and keep a track of all the things that you have bought.

It also shows that what store you are visiting and whether the store has the item available that you are going to purchase. This is a very helpful app you should download it and give this app a try.


4.  Wunderlist Task Manager

This is another useful app that will allow you to streamline the assigned tasks to each household member and mark a deadline for chores to be completed. This app can be accessed across different platforms and also shares the task list with other family members.

You can use it to further add or remove the different tasks and also take notes and add stars to the tasks that require more priority.


There you have some of the apps that we think are the best for managing your family. You can download these apps from the Google Play Store and install them either on your smartphone or tablets and see how much efficient it makes your life.

Do let us know which app you tried and how it helped you out in your daily life.

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