Manage Your Scanned Barcode With Barcode Cache

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Our android phone has become immensely useful to us in our daily life all thanks to the different number of applications that are available in the Google Play Store. Now you have app for everything.

Thanks to the availability of so many apps our android phone has become a tool that is necessary. One of the important tools that is important for most shoppers or for downloading an app from a website is the Barcode scanner app.

With the barcode scanner app you can immediately scan the product or the app and get information related to it very easily in seconds. But after scanning so many barcode you need a way to manage them also and to help you with it we present you with Barcode Cache.

Barcode cache works with your barcode scanner app and helps you scan, identify barcode, QR codes and store them also for future reference. This app will organize and store the barcode so that you can easily share them with your friends or upload them to your social networking site.

Barcode Cache

For this app to work properly on your device you need to install as recommended by the developer of the app barcode Scanner or Google Googles both of which are available from the Play store for free. After you have installed the scanning apps now you can launch barcode cache app.

On launching the app you will be presented with an empty list at the beginning. You have to create categories in which the scanned codes should be stored. To create categories tap on menu button and select Create label with which you can enter the name for each category you want to create and then tap the save button to create the list.

Now to start storing the bar codes in the app you need to tap the category and it will launch the scanning app that you have installed on your device. If you don’t have any bar code scanning app installed it will display and error message to you.

If you have more than one barcode scanning app installed the app will prompt you to select one app and then after successfully scanning the bar code the app will store the barcode in the category that you had selected.

Now if you want to share the saved the barcode with your friends then you can tap and hold the category and a list of options will popup that will enable you to perform actions such as sharing it with your friend over email, dropbox, docs etc.

You can download and install barcode cache for free from the Google play store and no more have to be worried about remembering the name of the product of which the barcode you wanted to share. Barcode cache will do the remembering for you.

Do let us know what you think of the barcode cache and was it helpful to you or not? Also let us know what you use the barcode scanner for mostly whether shopping or for downloading apps.

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