Meet The New Android Emperor Galaxy S3 Part 2

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In our last article we mentioned how the galaxy S3 is revolutionizing the android world by introducing a host of new features that are aimed at making the android experience one of a kind.

Samsung have tweaked the android 4.0 so much that they have host of new features that we have mentioned in our previous article and also that these features are going to make the android one of the top mobile OS in the Samsung lineup this year.

In the previous article we also had mentioned that how the camera in the Galaxy S3 have been improved over the Galaxy S2 camera since both of them carry 8MP camera. So in this post we are going to see the host of new camera features that Samsung have introduced in Galaxy S3.

The new camera unit in the Galaxy S3 matches the camera unit in the HTC ONE X in terms of performance.  The image quality is also splendid and much better than the HTC ONE X camera. You can easily use the camera of the Galaxy S3 and replace your existing digital camera.

New Camera Features Of Galaxy S3:

  • Minimal lag with this Samsung have successfully minimized the lag between pressing the shutter and the time the photo is taken. So the picture taking time in Galaxy S3 is much faster.
  • Burst Shot/Best Photo this new feature lets you take 20 photos in succession and then recommends the picture from the 20 shots and you can save that picture. You can still choose your own best picture from the 20 shots if you think that the recommended one is not to your liking.
  • Face Zoom this feature will detect the faces in the live view and you can tap any face in the frame to zoom in on that face and capture it while ignoring all the other faces.
  • Photos while video recording feature is also present in the HTC ONE X and with this feature you can easily capture still images during the recording videos
  • Face Slideshow this feature will create a slideshow of the entire picture that you have captured. While slideshow plays it will zoom on the faces of the people in the photograph making sure that no one is left behind.
  • Group Tag this is generated from your contact list as long as you have tagged your contacts and put a picture of your contacts in the list. All the faces will be instantly tagged by the facial recognition system.

Well there you have some of the features of the Emperor of the Android Galaxy S3. The title rightfully belongs to the device because of the sheer number of features that are packed into the phone all the while providing a very impressive performance that overshadows the galaxy S2 which managed to remain the king of phones the entire 2011.

This was a preview unit as soon as review unit becomes available we will have the full review up. So do let us know what you think about the Galaxy SIII

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  1. Carsten Kjelstrup Pedersen says:

    Hvordan optager man stillbilleder under optagelsen videoer på S3?
    How do I take pictures while recording video on the S3?

  2. Carsten Kjelstrup Pedersen says:

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