Migrate Home Screens Across Different ROMs And Launchers With Desk Migrate

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Android is the most versatile mobile OS to be ever developed. You get the option to customize then entire OS to your liking and also make it work and function exactly as you want it to work.

There is no other OS that features so much customization option. Android will allow you to get the full mobile experience in any way you want. Let’s not forget the Google Play store which features a large collection of different sorts of apps that will allow you to perform more with your device.

You have an app for each and everything and the list of apps is slowly growing day by day and soon it is going to overtake the number of available apps in the iOS store.

To customize the look of your android home screen there are different types of custom launchers available in the Play Store which even allows you to apply different kinds of themes which keeps things from getting too boring. You can even customize way the way home screen launches and also the way it behaves.

While we are on the topic of home screen, let’s not forget about the custom ROMs. Some of the custom ROMs tend to provide the experience as close as possible to stock ROM but there are some custom ROM which are heavily modified and they provide a new and enjoyable experience which keeps things interesting.

But sometimes you are not pleased with the aesthetics of the custom ROM or you are just bored of the same way the home screen behaves and you need the launcher which is present in one of the custom ROM you liked.

Desk Migrate Helping You to Migrate Home Screens

So don’t worry you can easily acquire it without the need for flashing your device and installing a new ROM. Just install Desk Migrate which is developed by Lucky Art and will allow you to copy home screen from one launcher to another without any complicated process.

You don’t have to install a new ROM just to enjoy its launcher. For instance you are using the current Android 4.0 and you are bored of the launcher then just use Desk Migrate to copy the home screen of the Apex Launcher and use it on your Android 4.0 and enjoy the customizable option that Apex Launcher has to offer.

If you like the iOS launcher and you wish that you also had it on your device and enjoy the sleek UI it offers then just use Desk Migrate to copy the launcher of Espier Launcher HD and apply it over your current home screen launcher. Just at the tap of a button you get to enjoy a new launcher and home screen experience.

The only drawback of using Desk Migrate is that you cannot copy the widgets to your device along with the home screens. So after you have copied the home screens you need to reinstall the widgets again.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store to download Desk Migrate for free and give it a try and let us know how you felt using the app and what launchers  you copied for your android device.

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