Modern War Android Game Review: The Next Level Of Addiction

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With the Android platform taking up the heat and gaining momentum, the Google Play store is also not behind the heat. The increasing number of Apps daily in the Google Play store is making the platform more and more solid.

The App count in Google Play store is not lagging behind iOS App Store and with the growing heat customers are greeted with great apps within short intervals of time. So the Android users have been greeted again with the release of newest Action game “Modern War”.

The Game Story: A war a legacy

So is War good? Indeed yes its good but only for gaming, War games are one of the main genres of the games which are played by most of the people. In this game a mercenary MMO takes on the modern army and makes you and your mind blown away.

Experience: Only one word mind blowing

We are in love of the war games which are brutal, heavy duty graphics, no mercy, snippet of Sniping, Tanks rolling and blowing, heavy Gunnery and more… This little game has it all. Once the game has started and you have picked an Avatar the game loads up a chain of missions which have to be completed.

We liked the avatar of Naval Commanding Officer with a natty blue Blazer, White Slacks, white officer’s hat, a look which differentiates us from the other people in the jungle. After that our first task is to build a base and recruit some good quality troops.

There are missions which are needed to be accepted and some of them include missions to wander around neighboring bases and blow their stuffs into Ashes.

After completing the mission we are rewarded with Cash which can be used for purchasing fashion accessories for the partners until you become a superior power of a region.

As this game is MMO there is option to add friends from the Allies groups and start a war against any of your enemy troops.

Conclusion: Waiting for sequel

After playing this bombastic game for two hours we are still in no mood of leaving the game. The Game’s graphics is simply gorgeous and it is a pleasure playing in the Galaxy S3 HD screen.

The action scenes are very delightful to watch especially the scene the bad guys actually scream after you kill them. Game is undoubtedly one of the best free Apps in the Play Store. The game can be enjoyed by every age group and we need to warn you that it’s very addictive so beware.

As one of the free premium games it gets a rating of “9.1” from us.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead in Play Store and download this game and get addictive.

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