Most Popular Android Apps 2011

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2012 is here and we yet don’t know what this year has in store for our android. What kind of apps will be available will they provide more streamlined user experience or not. These are some of the questions that we think about. But amongst all these thoughts we remember of the few apps that have provided us not only fun but also have improved android user experience that made us fall head over heels for our android device. So now we look back to some of the apps that made 2011 a good year for using android:

Popular Android Apps 2011

1. Opera Mobile:

The best mobile browser of the year which provided more enjoyable mobile web browsing and also provided full flash support allowing to access any and all kinds of website. The user interface is very simple and easy to use and whole app is optimized to take advantage of latest web coding allowing smooth and fast browsing either on 3G, 4G or via WIFI.

2. Go launcher Ex:

Go launcher ex does something that your phone has been doing ever since you bought it that is launch apps. But with this app launching app has never been this much fun. You can customize entire android by applying themes which also changes how the icons look and also you can select from a variety of effects which make browsing through long app menus just more fun. Above all this is a free app which lets you enjoy your android.

3. WordPress:

Away from home and you wish to blog after you have seen something or read something on the way to your work or on vacation then no need to worry WordPress is a free app that lets you blog quickly by letting you create drafts, edit posts and approve comments without the need of a PC.


Reading something and stuck on a word because you cant understand it. Now with a free app you can look up that word easily and best of all you don’t have to connect online to look up the word. Just with a tap the word is revealed to you.

5. Google Maps:

This a must have app for any android user because it makes looking up addresses very easy and also allows you to navigate through the maze of a city very easily.

6. IMDB Movies and TV:

One of the greatest movie reference website that will allow you to find out information about any movie or TV show that has been ever released. This app will also allow you to find out which movie is playing at your local cinema. This app also has a ton of feature like purchasing ticket or creating a wish list of which movies you would want to see.

7. Sound Hound:

Just heard a song in the radio and you don’t know who sang it or you like the tune of the song but don’t know the name then let out your SOUND HOUND and it will search out the name of song for you along with the artist information and which year it was released. It will also provide you with a link to YouTube so you can check out the song.

8. Medscape:

Medscape is the most popular medical app with a large database that can be used for offline viewing also and on top of that its free. You can list any symptoms and the app will search out the diagnosis for you. This is a app you usually don’t need but when you need you will be thankful that it was there in your android.

9. Wikipedia for Android:

Wikipedia is the largest online database to any information you seek and that database now easily fits in your pocket thanks to this useful app. This app pulls the article from Wikipedia optimizes it for your display so that your comfortable reading it.

10. Dropbox:

You have files scattered throughout your systems whether it be in home or office PC and you need those files but don’t worry dropbox offer cloud storage that allows all your files to be in one place for easy access and this app will allow the files to be transferred to and from any Google powered smartphone.

So here are some of the apps that have made 2011 a year to remember. These apps have made our life easier and helped us out when we needed some file or any important information. Hopefully these apps will also allow you to enjoy 2012.

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