Motorola Unveils The All New Motorola RAZR I Powered By Intel

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Motorola has been launching its devices that have now gained popularity in the international market. Motorola has launched its various devices recently.

The most recent announcements include the unveiling of all new Motorola RAZR I that has been unveiled by the company on 18th September morning in London.

The most interesting and unique fact that makes Motorola RAZR I different from other devices, is the all new Intel 2 GHZ processor that is ultimate in performance and enhances graphical analysis in the whole device.

Motorola recently with collaboration of Intel powered processor launched this device RAZR I that has become user friendly with its immediate launch.

This device will be launched in the beginning of October with UK partners Orange, T-Mobile  , Virgin, Tesco and much more.

According to the press release, this device has a 4.3-inches SUPER AMOLED display that favors ultimate resolution of the display giving screen display at till the edges thereby cutting phone body space.

This device is designed with ultimate protective materials that include a diamond cut grade aluminum4 frame that encloses the display made up of smart and tough corning gorilla glass for powerful protection to this prestigious device of Motorola.

This device has smart spill proof oleo phobic surface at the back and scratch resistant body makes it an ideal fit for the users to get captivated by this device.

This device is powered by Intel atom processor @ 2 GHz that is most versatile processor in speeds and performance that also works as an additional GPU for this powerful device.

This device has a smart 8 mega pixel camera that shoots photos and videos at 1080 p Full HD resolution and has multi shot mode that enable 10 pictures at once.

The device also loads web pages faster and smoother without any restrictions depending upon the type of internet connection.

In collaboration with Intel this device has been powered by 2 GHz processor and has much better performance and battery life that will really impress the users with its launch.

This device runs Android 4.0 ice-cream sandwich upgradable to Android 4.1 Jelly bean that gives an interesting Google play for running thousands of Applications. Google maps, NFC and Android Beam all add a feather to the cap of this all new Motorola device RAZR I.

Motorola RAZR has a smart long battery that even runs for a longer time as compared to other Android devices.

The SMARTACTIONS battery saver enables to save battery more than that of the other devices in this segment. This device has Motorola widgets, weather and time improves the features of this device.

The Moto RAZR I will be available by October in the European markets and American markets including U.K, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and others.

So just order your RAZR I today and enjoy this Intel powered smartphone…

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