Movie Box : Free Entertainment At Your Fingertips!

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We know how relaxing it is to watch a movie or a TV show after a hectic day. For those who want a very easy-to-use app that offers entertainment for free, MovieBox is what awaits you! The App is compatible with iOS devices and is available in various languages like English, Turkish, French and German.


The app helps one to separate movies one has watched and one intends to watch in the near future. Moreover, the app has been updating itself with a good amount of repository with top-rated blockbusters and popular movies of the past. The UI is very simple and has subtle, interesting features like obtaining background review of a movie once you slide your finger over a movie tile. While the most popular and viewed movies and shows are visibly available on the main page, one can also utilize the search bar to find a movie one wishes to watch. There are cast previews so as to let users make a calculated decision on what genre to watch and the corresponding movie rating provided alongside helps one further.


A few features to note about Movie Box are:

  • The “Random chooser” feature lets the app choose a movie randomly from its ever-increasing database.
  • Rate the movies you’ve watched
  • Get information on new releases, trailers of upcoming and most anticipated movies
  • One can also watch movie trailers
  • One can also get a good overview of a movie by checking out the “Summary” of the movie as given
  • The picture quality is commendable and various choices of resolution are available for the user
  • Once can use the “News” tab to keep a track of downloaded video files
  • One can also ask the developer to upload movies of one’s choice using the “Order” tab feature.

All this and more!

Are you looking for Movie Box download? It’s not available on the app store directly. Therefore, one has to either opt for jailbreaking option or “sideloading” as we will explain:

Jailbreak method:

  • One can access Cydia app store and download Movie Box after searching for it
  • Press the “Install” and “Confirm” buttons
  • Now you can launch the app after the icon appears on the home screen

Non-Jailbreak method:

  • First, download the vShare app
  • Find the Moviebox app through the search bar
  • Press “Download” and then install the app
  • Now, launch the app using the icon on the home screen


This “sideloading” technique is used because some app owners upload their app onto websites and obtain an Apple certificate for their app to run on iOS devices. Initially launched to incentivize “limited” release or have “authorized” users to download the app, the new iOS versions now are stricter in this regard and hence sites like vShare now sideload these apps like Movie Box through Safari.

Given that this app offers a literal “free” entertainment, and a pretty simple and organized one at that, we are curious to know what the future app updates have in store for us!

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