mWater : An Android App Helps to Track Water Quality Results

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Its very unhappy that millions of people in the world are die every single year just because of contaminated water and unfit sanitation equipment. It cause some incurable disease also. Due to contamination in water the disease transmitted to the next generation.

Not only human beings are affected by contaminated water but also the birds, aquatic animals who utilize those water for their living also gets affected.

But what does this have anything to do with the Android Operating System? Probably we can do a lot.

John Feighery a former NASA Engineer has developed an Android app that allows health workers from Bangladesh to record water quality test results in real time and map them accordingly.

That android app is named as mWater. Feighery first developed this app to design the Space Station’s US Bathroom. After the Columbia Space Shuttle accident, he turned his focus on managing water issues on Earth, instead of designing water systems that help people outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The specially designed android app (i.e mWater) enables the health workers to track water quality tests in real time, by centralizing all the results in a single database.

In addition to that, users can write their comments on how the water looks, smells, and flows from the source, as well as photos of the water source (photos that are automatically pinned to a map via GPS coordinates transmitted by the smartphone).

For all these things what you want to do is, just take your android smartphone, and the app (i.e mWater) will give you detailed results on the water quality tests in the area in which you want to know.

As of now, this app centralizes water quality results only in Bangladesh. But in future more governments and humanitarian organizations will adopt similar apps to do water quality test.

According to Lars Onsager Stordal, from UN Habitat’s water, sanitation and infrastructure department, the mWater app might be the most affordable method of tracking water quality in financially challenged countries.

He also said that; “It is a very novel approach to water quality monitoring and makes it possible, affordable and manageable at the local level”.

Even though the mWater app might not become popular like Where’s My Water for Android, am sure that it will definitely save more lives since it provides a valuable data.

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