New Edition Apps On Google Play – November 2012

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For all the app lovers out there, Google play has another surprise for you.  Many new exciting, fabulous and amazing new applications have been released in the November session. Not concentrating on quantity, they have produced quality.

After their mid-October session of apps, Halloween session, now they present the first week of November session. I think Google is breaking down the overflow of their apps so people may be notified of all of it. Touching all necessities and luxuries in life, Google presents many free and just a few costly apps.

Videos, music, camera, alarms, everything you can think of, there is an app ready just for you.  Thanks to all those app developers working with Google, we get new improved and useful applications almost daily. With many new releases up our sleeves, here we discuss just a few of the many new applications released under the November first week addition.

Random Service

If your life revolves around luck and fate, you should download this handy app. Good luck or bad luck, it is for this app to deciding. Making decisions regarding tough matters was never this easy. Just hand it over to this application. What clothes to wear, where to dine in, what movie to watch and a lot more. Note down all the choices and then the app will make a random choice for you. Hence, we call it “Random Service”.

The Sleep Machine

Deprivation of sleep becomes the root cause of many diseases. Yet sometimes, it is hard to relax our minds and doze off in an endless worry-free slumber. To overcome such situations, the sleep machines work to bring your body and mind peace so you can enjoy a healthy and refreshing good night sleep. Now as per how it does it, well, there are specific tunes present, as a sort of music therapy. Hypnotic in nature, it soothes the human mind. Use headsets for maximum effect before going to sleep. Download here


Today, applications can do just about everything for you. Perch helps in advertising through social media. Using social media websites enhance your work and get hold of local businesses within reach. Compete with them. Examine their strategies. See how their business has flourished with the use of social media and learn something. Perch is a new business owner’s or a competitive one’s choice when he wants to keep an eye on others. Download here

There are many other applications out there on Google Play which are useful and quite beneficial for us. Not only they offer unlimited fun but also help us in many different ways. Work becomes easy and fun with them. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest Android apps.

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