New Firefox Browser For Android – Redesigned To Exhibit Speed

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Being an Android user, you must have wanted to user Firefox in it but unfortunately, no good version of Firefox was available before. Although, Firefox made its Android debut in 2011 but for the first time in 2012, they have made major changes.

There is no doubt that Mozilla has been trying its best to come up with an impressive mobile browser since many years. They rolled out one version of Firefox mobile browser which eventually made its way on the Google Android Market.


For the first time, Mozilla introduced the Android version of Firefox in 2011. Unfortunately, the version was not a good success as there were other browsers which were faster than Firefox and more responsive too.

However, Mozilla has been on the mission to redesign its Firefox for Android and launch a new version which doesn’t contain all those issues that were present in the previous one. Well, finally they have been able to release the latest version today.

According to the Director of Firefox, Johnathan Nightingale, new version has been designed while keeping the requirements of users in mind. They had put their entire graphics design team on this mission to make an excellent Firefox app for Android.

New Improvements

According to Mozilla, they have changed everything and if there as anything that didn’t needed to changed, they have improved it. Users had performance issues with Firefox and that is why they preferred to use other browsers like Opera, Dolphin and recently introduced Chrome for Android.

The Firefox director says that they are using Gecko as the power engine for their new app. It is an already tested power system which is highly reliable and it produces very fast and accurate results. In short, it can be said that Gecko really understands the web.

The only change that has been made is in the Firefox browser for Android. This app has been tweaked to give better performance and look good. On the back end, the Gecko system is same. It means that users will be able to get desktop like performance in their Android devices too.

Difference Between Desktop App & Android App

One can say that there is no huge difference between Firefox for desktop and Firefox for Android. However, there are still some basic changes that are under the hood and also in the user interface. One good change is that, Firefox for Android will be using the same widgets that are used by user on desktop instead of using Mozilla XUL widgets which make the app work slower.

The development team of Firefox has tested the version over and over again to ensure everything is working properly in the newly designed app. The app has been designed for smartphones but not for tablets. However, according to officials, the app will work fine with tablets too.

Well, we will have to wait and see how this new app works. Mozilla should keep in mind that the Android users are now used to of using other browsers and Firefox may not get a warm welcome. However, if features of new browser are really great then it can outclass previous browsers.

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  1. regular speed, nothis exciting about it. Take a look at MiniBrowser Pro with AdBlock or at Opera Mini with traffic compression – this is speed of light in comparison with FF

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