New Google TV Updates Brings Voice Search, You Tube and Prime Time

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Last year, the Google TV received an update which adds the Google Play and simplified the entertainment discovery experience. The next update makes you to find whatever you want in Google TV. One good thing about the new update is it allows you to search even more faster and easier. The update starts to roll out this week to LG devices other devices too will receive this update but on later stage.

1. Voice Search:

One interesting thing about this feature is; no need to type the keyword in the search option instead of that you simply search your favorites by using your voice.

2. Prime Time:

Formerly, the Google TV added the TV and movies app to help you to browse 100,000+ Movies and TV episodes available to watch. Now, it introduced a new app called Prime Time, it allows the users to find the favorite content even more easier.

Easily access PrimeTime anywhere in Google TV and browse for something new while you watch. You can quickly flip through the best stuff on live TV, access your favorite channels, see TV shows you recently watched, and find other suggestions based on what you enjoy watching.

3. You Tube:

The world watches 4 billion hours of You Tube per month, but it’s not yet as easy to watch You Tube on your TV as it is on your computers, phones and tablets. YouTube and Google TV are changing that.

With the updated YouTube app for Android and Google TV, your devices automatically pair so you can play any YouTube video from your Android phone or tablet on your TV with just one button. What’s playing on your mobile device looks even better on your Google TV.

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