Nextcall – New Android App To Help You Schedule Calls And Point Out the Neglected Contacts

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Have you ever wondered that how many times in a day, week or a month you contact with a particular contact in your address book? If you don’t have any idea then there is this new Android App called “Nextcall” to help you out. If you want, you can keep your phone call logs saved for many months but of course, handsets don’t usually love this attitude.

If you are worried about managing your call logs and it freaks you out, the entire process, you need to try Nextcall. This app is very helpful for anyone to know since how long they have not contacted with a particular person in their address book. Not only that, you can also keep a look at those contacts to whom you call most of the times. In short, this app can help you understand your contact patterns.

If there are some calls that you have to make every week then you can schedule those calls easily with the help of this great application. For example; you can schedule a call for any particular day in a week or a month.

This can be helpful in many cases. If you wanted to contact with someone to set an appointment, this app can be really helpful for you. On the other hand, if there is a family member to whom you have to call every day or at a particular day in a week, you can simply schedule that call in your phone with the help of Nextcall.

There is no doubt that you can add such events in your calendar and get a reminder but let’s be honest here. How many times you have called someone after putting that information in your calendar? I bet you have neglected to call that contact most of the times.

However, with this app you cannot do that easily. Below is a complete guide about how to use this app in your Android Smartphone.

Step 1

Download the Nextcall app on your android device and then install it. Once you have installed the app run it.


Step 2

There is “Add Contact Image” option, click on it.


Step 3

Now you can to configure how this app will categorize all the contacts in your phonebook. You will see a list of all your contacts with an icon in front of them. This icon can be toggled. If there is a white icon against a contact, it means that the app is not going to track that contact.



If there is a grey icon having a tie, the contact is being tracked as a business contact. On the other hand, if the is only a grey icon having no tie, the person is tracked as a personal contact by Nextcall.

Step 4

Now, get back to the main screen of your app. You will have to swipe from right to left over a contact if you want to see the options. Once you see the options, click on the Edit button.


Step 5

The buttons that will appear can be used by you to determine how the app should remind about a contact to you and in which category that contact should be placed.

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