Nexus Tablet Or Asus Memo 370t Which Would You Prefer?

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If you were following our blog then you would have noticed that earlier this month we had published a post about the rumors that the Google tablet which is supposedly called Nexus tablet is going to be manufactured by Asus.

The rumors were true because after we had published it a week later AndroidAndME and also Digitimes published another rumor which followed along the same lines although they had gotten to know few more details about the project related to Nexus Tablet.

The Rumors So Far

It was noted that Nexus tablet will be unveiled at Google I/O which will be held in June at which time they will also release the much awaited Android 5.0 jelly bean. It was also rumored that the Nexus tablet which will be released would be running Jelly Bean.

Also it had been rumored that the upcoming Nexus Tablet will be featured in the budget oriented segment but would be based on the Asus Memo 370T which is produced by Asus and also features a Tegra3 Quad core processor.

The reason Google chose Asus for their entry into tablet market was due to the fact that Asus were able to make a Tegra3 processor powered tablet available to the masses for just $250 and also apart from tegra3 had specs that could rival the high end tablets.

But at MWC 2012 Asus didn’t mention anything about the availability of Memo 370T or when it would be released.

Will The Nexus Tablet Be Dual Core And Priced At $149?

AndroidAndME according to new rumors reported that the Asus have cancelled the Memo 370T and it won’t be available in the market anymore. They claim they obtained this news from an insider dealing with tablets production and distribution.

The source also mentioned that Asus have not completely stopped the Memo 370T but instead they will perform several major modifications to the tablet and rename it to Nexus Tablet before releasing it.

The source also said that the tegra3 processor will be released with a dual core processor from Qualcomm but the source didn’t specifically mention to AndroidAndMe which kind of dual core processor it will be whether Snapdragon S4 or S3?

However Asus made the move to replace the quad core processor with dual core processor to further bring down the cost of the tablet and as a result now the tablet will be available between $149 and $199.

This is good news for many people especially who were planning to buy a tablet sometime soon.  The nexus tablet will perform splendidly if you keep in mind the tablets that were designed and produced by Asus.

On the other hand many android fans would be heartbroken because Asus Memo 370T has some serious specs and was only for $250 which would have created some serious demand.

But who knows until the Google Event in June the rumors are bound to change once some concrete information surfaces. So all android fans keep your finger crossed so the Asus Memo 370T.


So what do you think? What would you prefer a Nexus Tablet which is dual core available for almost $200 or Asus Memo 370T a quad core tablet for $250? Do let us know what you think.

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  1. R_ocketman says:

    The Memo 370t w/tegra3 for 250 is what I’ve eagerly anticipated  for months.  Google and I aren’t on the same page.  I want a tablet w/some beef for half the price of an iPad.  Google wants more market for Android, and will subsidize, at a  loss, an adequate yet not stellar product to win its pissing contest w/Apple.  Just when I thought the tablet I wanted for the price I wanted to pay, was finally being made Google sticks its nose into it. Are there more people like me who will pass on the Nexus due to the same disappoinment? Why not make the 370T better than it is for the same price? Add a front facing video cam, some more memory and a usb port. Instead of losing money-for-market on a cheaper tablet why not lose money-for-market on a stellar one?

  2. I’ve been waiting to for the 370T since CES and won’t buy a watered down cheaper version. I already have a TF101 and want something smaller with a spec upgrade. Nexus tablet version is NOT an upgrade.

  3. Manuelsan 001 says:

    se supone que esta es la traduccion de una noticia? una mierda poner una noticia con esa traduccion mejor la ponen en ingles directamente..

    • Sathishkumar Varatharajan says:

      Lo siento por la mala traducción. Voy a tratar de poner la mejor traducción de la historia o de lo contrario voy a publicar la historia directamente en Inglés.

  4. I have no interest whatsoever in a Google-branded, watered-down “Nexus” version of the MeMo 370t — and I won’t buy one, no matter what the price tag. I will continue to wait for the REAL MeMo 370t; and if Asus abandons it, then I guess Samsung will be getting my business instead.

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