Onda V972 Android Tablet – Specs and Price

Onda V972

Onda recently launched the 9.7 inch android tablet with a capacitive IPS display. It has the similar screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. It has got a aluminum casing, and the weight of 1.4 pounds to look like a sleek and light weighed  device. Actually, there are two cameras in the Onda V972, with the rear … [Read more...]

HD Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W Launches in Russia

HD Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W

Sharp has recently announced the Aquos Phone SH930W, back in November and now it was supposed to hit the shelves in Russia a few days later. It costs RUB21,900 or about €540. Surely it's not one of the cheapest phones around, but given the hardware you get, it still seems like a good price.It is powered by … [Read more...]

Google Calender for Android Updated, Brings Notifications and More


Do you have an android phone with android 4.0.3 or higher installed? If so, here is a one good news for you. The latest update to Google Calender app brings several new handy features that makes many things easier for you.Directly from the notification screen, you can now make a phone call, or look up an event … [Read more...]

What is Rooting on Android, Its Pros and Cons

What is Rooting on Android, Its Pros and Cons

In this article, we have present you what is rooting? and what are all the advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Before start to rooting always keep in mind that, once you root your device its warranty will get void and also there is a chance of your device getting bricked.What is Bricking? It means … [Read more...]

How to Restore Internal Memory After Bootloader Unlock in Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Usually, unlocking the bootloader on Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices wipes the/partition. You can sometimes root without unlocking the bootloader backup the data through a root enabled app, unlock your bootloader and then restore your data. Now, you can unlock as normal, and get that wiped data back.Now, the XDA … [Read more...]

How to Create Own Custom ROM and Release as Flashable Zip

How to Create Own Custom ROM

When you buy your phone, Stock ROM has been installed in that. It is just a software, which your company have created for your phone. That software may be good, but there are many things to improve for the best experience, while using your phone.But a custom ROM is completely different from Stock ROM. By … [Read more...]

How to Add Additional Apps to Multi Window in Verizon Galaxy Note II

Verizon Galaxy Note II

One of the awesome feature of the new Samsung Galaxy Note II is the Multi-Window feature. Initially, most of those devices didn't ship with the mod after that it has arrived which allows the users to add any app they wanted to the Multi-Window list.Now the mod has been ported to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note … [Read more...]

How to Use Onscreen Keyboard on Your Android Phone


Most of the android phones comes with the onscreen keyboard except the phones which come with the QWERTY external keypad. With the help of this users can type text messages in any app like Text Messaging, Gmail, Google Talk or any other apps which needs the users to enter any text.In some apps and sections, … [Read more...]

Guide to Enable Phone Calling Feature in Samsung Galaxy Tab 750/ Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

In this article, we are guiding you how to enable the Voice calling features as well as check the account balance of the Sim Card which you have inserted in your Galaxy Tab.The best part of this work around is that this can be applied on the array of Android firmwares like stock Android 4.0.4 Samsung ROM, the … [Read more...]

Mighty Text : An App Which Helps You to Send, Receive SMS Messages of Android Phone From Lap/PC

Mighty Text

Nowadays, chatting and texting from mobile phones are out of fashion. People's are now very much interested to do chat through the services like Facebook messenger, Gtalk, What's app etc. Actually they are providing free chatting services.But there will be some friends who do not use these services, at that … [Read more...]