Samsung Galaxy Note II will be Available Via Five US Based Mobile carriers

Galaxy Note II-colors

Any news related to Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II hits very faster when compare with other devices. During earlier of this month Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 2 device in IFA 2012. Now, unexpectedly it announced the Galaxy Note successor in United States and its availability via the five US … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger for Android gets Exclusive New Features

Facebook Messenger for android

The Facebook Messenger for Android 2.0, has been released. It includes an exclusive new features such as threaded texts and Facebook messages on select phones.With the new update, any SMS message you receive is pulled into Facebook Messenger in addition to your regular SMS app. The messages only live on your … [Read more...]

Battery Compare : Very good App for Battery Performance Comparisons with other Devices

Battery Compare app-2

Battery life is the very important factor we need to consider while purchasing any android devices. And, knowing how your device performs against other devices is also important. For that, an app called "Battery Compare" will definitely help you in that department.It is really a very good indicator that … [Read more...]

Tweedle : A Very Good Twitter app


Several third party twitter apps are available on the Google Play Store but among all of them Tweedle attracts more not because of extended and bountiful features, but with its simple and clean user interface.Tweedle was built out of the need for a better, cleaner and faster twitter client for Android. It … [Read more...]

Exciting Features of ZDbox (All-In-One Toolbox) – Battery Info, DND Feature, App Lock, Task Killer And More…..


  What is ZD box? ZD box is one of the multi-function and incredibly handy toolbox apps for Android. It contains several helpful features like battery info and power saver, traffic counter, battery info, do not disturb feature, app lock, task killer, uninstaller, application to SD card functionality and system … [Read more...]

Temporary Lock App: Best App At Google Play For Security Features Of Your Device


Android devices have ruined all the other devices of the world to much an extent. Today each and every person uses an Android phone as it is affordable and does all the functions of the tab that is quite difficult to carry.Google Play Store is one of the best Markets favoring Android even much better than … [Read more...]

Opera Mini 7.5 Version Launched


Many web browsers prevail today in this world of competition but Opera mini is one of the best browsers that favors from browser for PC to Android App till IOS app store.Opera Mini is famous because of its unique feature of compressing websites and images before downloading by reducing bandwidth … [Read more...]

Asus Dual Padfone 2 Planned To Be Launched On 16th October


Apart from its several products in the market ASUS has led to develop devices that favor good user friendly actions and are good in sales also.The recent news given by ASUS in the press events at Italy & Taiwan showed the precise upcoming of the new ASUS Padfone 2 that is much better than previous version … [Read more...]

File Transfer Between Android Devices Via Wi-Fi Made Easy – AnySend


Have you been using Bluetooth technology so far to send and receive files between Android devices? Well, things are about to change as “AnySend” can help you transfer files between android devices over Wi-Fi.If you love to send files from one platform to another but you don’t want to do it in a slower way then … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S3 GT I9300 with WanamLite ICS Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

Update Galaxy S3 GT I9300 with WanamLite ICS

Wanamlite ICS firmware, one of the popular custom ROM firmware around is now available for Galaxy S3 GT I9300 users and below we’ll be checking out how you can install this latest version ICS firmware XXBLG9 which is basically an ICS build. This custom ROM is dubbed as WanamLite ICS Custom ROM firmware.Well, … [Read more...]