How to Root Sony Xperia Z for Locked Bootloaders

Sony Xperia Z

This is the tutorial to root Sony Xperia Z device. This tutorial may wipe your datas completely. So, do a backup of all your apps, contacts, SMS, MMS, APN Settings etc.Requirements:Sony Xperia Z with stock Sony Jellybean firmware.It works on both locked/unlockable  bootloaders ADB Drivers … [Read more...]

How to Root Any Samsung Galaxy S3 in Windows Computer

Samsung Galaxy S3

This is the tutorial to instruct you to root any Samsung Galaxy S3 devices. You probably aware that what is mean by rooting. If you don't know about that, then know that from here.If you root your device, it will allow you to get full access to your device. Then everything in your device will be in your … [Read more...]

Call Actions: Streamlining Your Phone Calls

call actions screen

Call Actions is an android app that helps you to stay organized if you are receiving important phone calls daily. This app will help you to remember to call back certain person after you are done with a call.Also certain times you are busy so you just can’t note down the important things that another person is … [Read more...]

5 Technological Innovations That You Can Expect To See In Android Devices

android waterproof

Android devices are getting more and more mainstream these days mostly because of the flexibility they provide in terms of manufacturing a android device and also from the user point of view where you can customize the entire OS to your liking.IPhone has been the next best thing in market other than android … [Read more...]

5 Technology That Improved Due To Android Being Everywhere


Android is slowly making its way to becoming the top smartphone OS in the market and will overthrow iOS and take the position of the king of the OS in coming years.Slowly and slowly other technologies have started to incorporate android in their system in the form of deep integration. There are even household … [Read more...]

5 Best Addictive Games That You Can Find In Android

android games

You will be surprised at how many people are willing to spend hours after hours trying to get a perfect unbeatable score. But there are only certain games which make are worth to get the highest unbeatable scores.Multiplayer games are also fun but let’s not forget about the single player games that provide fun … [Read more...]

5 Best 7inch Android Tablets So Far


7inch tablets are the most portable tablets ever to be available as they provide a bigger screen and much improved battery life. If you are tired of the small screen of your smartphone then 7inch tablets is a good choice.But if you fancy a much bigger screen then you can opt for tablets that offer screen sizes … [Read more...]

4 Best HD Tablets That You Can Expect To Own In Q2 Of 2012

HD tablets

Tablets are the most portable device that has been ever to be developed. They boast extremely long battery life and couple it with the all touch display and you get an amazing value for your money.HD displays are joy to have because the images appear crisp and beautiful with vivid colors and contrast that … [Read more...]

Android Market Renamed To Google Play A One Stop Place For All Your Entertainment Needs


Android market has been available in the android device since the dawn of android civilization. It had allowed you to download numerous apps and features that made your life much easier and meaningful.Well now it just got a whole lot better with the introduction of Google Play which is nothing but the android … [Read more...]

Cheapest Nexus Tablets: Will It Be Manufactured By Asus?

Asus and google nexus

Asus has been in the game recently with the introduction of their hybrid tablet/netbook transformer prime which is not only increases the usability of the device but also enhances its mobility time. Also the Asus boasts good performance and software update along with best hardware which is available in the … [Read more...]