Connect To Your Desktop Remotely Through Your Android Smartphone

XtraLogic’s Remote Desktop Client

Having a smartphone with us at all times is really helpful because it enables us to do a lot of things on the go without any worry. Moreover with the coming of Android our life has become much easier.Android offers a vast number of apps that can help us out in various situation and also you are not only … [Read more...]

Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S3 And Motorola Droid Fighter

galaxy s3 leaked photo

The constant rumor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is going on has caused much hype about the device and it is being hailed as the super phone of the year 2012. Last year’s super phone was Galaxy S2 which couldn’t be beaten by another android device.But this year Galaxy S3 after its release faces a tough rivalry … [Read more...]

How to Install Noteworthy – Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717

Today we will see an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM which is Android 4.0.3 has now been released for Samsung AT&T Galaxy Note – i717 by one of the XDA developer. This ROM has been named as Noteworthy. This ROM is based on UCLC5 Android 4.0 firmware which was recently leaked for Galaxy AT&T which comes with … [Read more...]

ZTE Mimosa X: The Best Nvidia Silicone Midrange Android Phone

zte mimosa x

In one of our previous posts about Best midrange android phones of 2012 we mentioned about the ZTE Mimosa which is aimed people who aren’t looking for spending big bucks on a top end droid.We also mentioned that ZTE mimosa offers very nice specs along with a performance which makes your money’s worth. Now new … [Read more...]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and Install Clock Work Mod Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

Now, its very simple to root and install the latest Clock Work Recovery Version in the device Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. By using this recovery version you can customize your device the way you want. Here we have share the procedures and instructions to root and install the same in your device.All the credits … [Read more...]

Galaxy S3 Will Have Quad Core Processor, But What About other Rumors?

concept of galaxy s3

Samsung have done well to keep tight wraps on their upcoming android flagship device but this didn’t stop the rumors from appearing and floating around the net.Most of those rumors are to be accepted with a pinch of salt because according to many anonymous users the new design of Galaxy S3 will be ground … [Read more...]

Make Your Phone Look Like Honeycomb For Tablet With Honeycomb 3D

honeycomb 3D theme

You must have read one of our posts which talks about the Android Honeycomb OS which was primarily designed for the tablets. You might have been attracted by the various new eye candies that the Honeycomb provides which is not available in Android 2.3.Well don’t worry because now you can also enjoy the … [Read more...]

4 Simple Steps With Which You Can Get Ice Cream Sandwich Home Screen On Your Device

ics homescreen on CM7

Since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich many of the devices have been getting their most long awaited upgrades but most of those upgrades are coming with the custom launchers of various manufacturers on top of the stock ICS.Moreover most of the devices out there are not going to receive the upgrade to ICS because … [Read more...]

Look At Some Of The Mid-Range Android Phones Of 2012 Part 2


In our previous post about the mid-range android phones we mentioned some of the best mid-range droids which many users would like to spend their money on rather than owning a high top end droid. We also mentioned that having a mid-range droid is much better than owning a cheap android phone.So we continue … [Read more...]

Look At Some Of The Mid-Range Android Phones Of 2012 Part 1

htc one S official pic

There are many new android devices being released in this year. You may have taken a look at some of them by going through our post of MWC 2012 during which many new android devices were released and their availability dates were mentioned.The flagship devices such as HTC ONE X or Galaxy Nexus there are … [Read more...]