GDriveSync – An App to Sync Folders From Phone to Google Drive

For many users, the official Google Drive app is little bit clumsy and slow to load, weighed down by its many unnecessary features and functions and too large in size.Maybe you just want to sync their files on the Android device into your Google Drive and be on you way. Well, GDriveSync allows you to just … [Read more...]

Account Sync Settings Profiler : A Very Good App to Sync Your Accounts

Hi guys do you have different profiles on your Android for different places, times and occasions? You want to autosync your business email account and turn off your personal Facebook account upon arrival at the office, or sync your personal calender and emails when you are at your friend's place? The possibilities … [Read more...]

Atrium for Facebook – An Alternative Facebook Client App

Hi folks, here I would like to introduce a new Facebook client called Atrium for Facebook. It has clean UI design and blazing fast performance. This makes the Atrium to be the best Facebook apps currently available for Android.The Atrium for Facebook consists of three horizontally sliding pages : Newsfeed, … [Read more...]

How to Swap Internal And External SD Card of any Android Phone

Use Root Explorer to get void.stab

This is the very guide to swap the internal and external SD Card of android phone. Though several guides are already available for this they will assist you to use only on specific device.But, using this guide you can swap the internal and external SD Card of any kind of android phone or tablet. Swapping the … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Z : A Comprehensive Review

Introduction: The Xperia Z is one of the best smartphone released by Sony. You know why? It is not only a stylish smartphone, but also a dustproof and waterproof smartphone; which means if you soaked the device into the water even for 30 minutes, still it works normally.Even if you throw that in a dust … [Read more...]

Adsense Dashboard – Very Useful App to Show Quick Overview of Adsense Data


Adsense Dashboard is one of the most popular and free Android app. It shows you a quick overview of Adsense data. Yes, it shows you the earnings, custom channels, URL Channels, graphs for earnings and trend for last two weeks.Aside from this it also shows the graphs for key metrics like RPM, CTR, CPC, Page … [Read more...]

Contacts Notification : An Awesome App to Access Important Contacts in Home Screen

Contacts Notification

Sometimes everyone of us, may get irritated to search the particular contact in our smartphone; during the emergency time. Scrolling to the massive list just to get their contact number is extremely cumbersome and frustrating.Now, you can simply that process by using contact widgets placed on the home screens. … [Read more...]

Smart QR Tags : Emulates SmartTags & TecTiles Functionality

Smart QR Tags

Hi folks, you've probably heard of Xperia SmartTags or Samsung TecTiles. Actually they both are small pendants and stickers that activate your device to perform defined actions using Near Field Communication Technology.It is extremely useful for recent devices that have NFC built in. But unfortunately, the … [Read more...]

A Newbie Guide of Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia

So, guys in this article, you will know about the few basic things. It will be especially useful for the users who are new to the android world or Sony Xperia world. If you are newbie you may not familiar with some basic things. I have discussed about those at below. So, let's start.1. Basics: a. Various … [Read more...]

Tutorial for Unlocking and Relocking the Bootloader of the Xperia Z & ZL

Sony Xperia Z

Hi folks! in this article you will find out how to unlock and relock the bootloader of the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL device.Before start to proceed, please be informed that the Xperia devices released on 2013 or later (for example Xperia Z and Xperia Z), the SD card of your device will be formatted and you will … [Read more...]