Google Apps for Internet Explorer 8 will discontinued – Announced by Google

Google Apps

Google informed that it will soon no longer support the Internet Explorer 8 for its outsourced,  G-mail, Google Calender and collaboration platform and Google Apps. So the users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 will soon have to upgrade or switch the browsers.On October 26, Microsoft will release Windows 8, … [Read more...]

Why Choose An Android Phone?


Is it your first time buying a smartphone or you’re a previous owner of a smartphone and looking for an upgrade then you will be curious to know about different mobile platforms that are available. You can ask various people about what the best smart phone platforms and you will get mixed response some … [Read more...]

Auto Data App: An Off Screen Automatic Mobile Data Switch To Save Battery

autodata battery saving app

Those who are regularly on the street know how much of an hassle it is to have your cellphone die on you in the center of a loaded day. In many situations, one of the primary battery consuming causes are Systems data connections.While the best remedy is to only let the data run and connect when you need it, it … [Read more...]

Update Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 With Cyanogen Mod 7.2 Firmware [How To]

Galaxy 3 i5801 Gingerbread 2.3.7 CyanogenMod 7.2 Update

The Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 is one of the first generation of Android smartphones. With the advent of newer and high quality Android smartphones being manufactured and released constantly, the Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 has got left behind both in support and in firmware updates.If you are a Samsung Galaxy 3 user … [Read more...]

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Calculator Comes to Google Search

Kevins Bacon Calculator -1

Google Search has come a long way from the plain of old list of ten results-there's a full calculator with graphing functions, flight search, movie showtimes and currency conversion just to name a few - but now the search engine is getting a bit more pop culture functionality.As of today, you can type "bacon … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note X : Features the Android 5.0, Bluetooth 5.0 and Diagnol Limit with 6.3 inch Full HD Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note X

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been just announced and it is ready to hit almost every stores in the world,  so it is definitely too early to think about next year's Samsung tablet, a future Galaxy Note 3 that the Android maker will surely reveals at some point in the future.But Concept Phones has an … [Read more...]

HTC Droid Incredible X: A 5-Inch Phablet to Feature, Quad-Core Processor, 16 GB of internal Storage and more…..

HTC Droid Incredible X

The 5 inch HTC Phablet has rumored many times in the past and its image also has been leaked. The HTC Source now confirmed that the HTC phablet will sport a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1.5 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, and a 1080p display with a whopping 480 ppi pixel density.Currently the device … [Read more...]

Update Galaxy S2 With S3 Looking Salman ICS 4.0.3 Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

Galaxy S2 Salam Custom ROM Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S2 users can now get the feel of the newly released Galaxy S3 in their smartphone with the help of the Salman ICS 4.0.3 Custom ROM firmware. We don't know why they have named this custom ROM firmware, but we believe it has nothing to do with the bollywood hero Salman Khan.Well, in due course of … [Read more...]

Verizon Released the Galaxy S3 Update to fix “No Sim” Error

Verizon Galaxy S3 Update

The Verizon Galaxy S3 users finally receives the first ever OTA update for their device which will fix the issue of a "No Sim" message popping up from time to time on the phone.Along with this it also brings with various other goodies such as Remote Diagnostics tool (that could be used by Verizon helpline guys … [Read more...]

How to Update T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 to JellyBean with Phablet UI gifted Paranoid Android ROM

Paranoid Android ROM

The Paranoid Android ROM has now been ported to the T-Mobile Galaxy S2.  It's features allows for an interface that mixes elements from both phone and tablet interface for effective use of large displays on phones. It also allows you to individually set apps, widgets and different system components to be used in … [Read more...]