Sony Ericsson W8: Reviving The Walkman Series


Sony Ericsson Walkman series were one of the most popular music oriented device to be available in the market. They were highly popular among the music enthusiasts until the advent of the touch screen smartphones and hardware race.With Sony Ericsson W8 they have revived the Walkman series which is sure to make … [Read more...]

Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event, Berlin- Galaxy Note 2, Note 10.1 Lots Of Other Magical Releases


So all the Samsung fans it’s time to rejoice. There are reports confirming the release of a new Note Device by the Samsung. The Korean giant has sent invitation to the developers for announcing a new device on developer day.The event is scheduled on August 29, 2012 which is just few days from today. The event … [Read more...]

Skype Or Viber Which Would You Choose?


Skype has been dominating the PC world for quite some time by offering cheap rate for making calls and also their service is very good. With the release of android app Skype were able to take it one step further.With the availability of 3G connection and WI-FI connection one could use Skype to make phone to … [Read more...]

SMS Morning Call App Lets Your Friends to Wake You Just Through an SMS


Do you want to wake up at particular time to attend important meeting or marriage functions, but you have the habit of forgetting an alarm for that? Don't worry here is a good solution to solve this problem.All you need to do is just install the SMS Morning Call app in your android mobile and intimate your … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7- 16 GB Relatively Out Stages Its Sibling in Storage Speed


So are you thinking of buying a Nexus 7, stop stop stop!! Before making any decision you must read this blog post and choose the version you are going go buy.So you must have thought that the only difference between Nexus 7 8GB and the 16GB version is the price then let me warn you, thinking this is … [Read more...]

Root/Unroot Karbonn A9 And Spice MI-425 [How To]

RootUnroot Karbonn A9 And Spice MI-425

Looking for a way to root/unroot your Karbonn A9 and Spice MI-425? Well, you are just in time, we bring to you the entire process at a glance;Rooting your device we let open the device in your hands after which you can ideally select from amongst the options. If you wish to unroot your device back to the … [Read more...]

Update LG Optimus GT 540 with Jellybean 4.1 Cyanogen Mod 10 Firmware [How To]

LG Optimus GT 540 Jellybean 4.1 Cyanogen Mod 10 Firmware

Jelly Bean 4.1 CM 10 can be installed onto LG Optimus GT 540 with ease with the help of this tutorial. We should be thankful to Cyanogen Mod Company as they have come up with this update.Readers need to keep a note that this update hasn’t been officially unveiled by LG Electronics and even we do not have any … [Read more...]

Update HTC Evo 3D GSM with Jellybean 3D 4.1 Custom ROM Firmware [How To]

HTC Evo 3D Jellybean 3D 4.1 Custom ROM Firmware

GSM version of HTC Evo 3D users can now install all new version of Jelly Bean 4.1. Readers need to keep a note that this isn’t an official update announced by HTC but it’s a custom ROM developed by a XDA member.The firmware is in early stages, so there are few bugs and issues. Before applying this update, … [Read more...]

HTC EVO Series Are Getting Updated With Android 4.0


A treat for HTC EVO series users, HTC is no new company in android development. This company has taken part in android development from the start of the Operating System.The company has provided regular updates to its phone and in speculated time. This trend continues with the HTC as EVO users enjoy. There are … [Read more...]

Security Attack On The Samsung Galaxy S3-Vaulnerability Exposed

Galaxy SIII

Is security a setback in Android Ecosystem; Every day and any day there is a security attack on the operating system one of the latest being the exposed vulnerability being noticed in the Samsung Galaxy S3.The issue was reportedly up by some users earlier, the issue was found in the Samsung proprietary … [Read more...]