Top 2 Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Right now there are many cell phone manufacturers developing Google android phones. Now Google supply the operating system which is an open source, but you see its all down to the actual technology in the phone such as its hard drive and screen resolution. Samsung Galaxy Nexus:The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is … [Read more...]

An Overview of the Updated Chrome Beta for Android


Chrome Beta for Android recently got updated, much to the delight of the Android user community. Most of the hitches that had plagued the previous version have been corrected, and the new browser is not only better, it is distinctly faster as well. The annoying bugs have been eliminated, and the browser is now … [Read more...]

What Do I Need To Consider When Travelling With My Laptop?


When travelling with a laptop there are a few imperative rules to consider. The first and foremost consideration should really be insurance. Travelling to and from a number of places can be hectic at the best of times, and if you have several bags on the go and you are suffering from jetlag, you may find … [Read more...]

888sport iOS App – Online Betting Like You Have Never Experienced Before


Summer surely is the season of sports with many major sporting events like IPL, World T20 World Cup, FIFA world cup and many others taking place in summers. However, playing or watching these events are now not the only ways in which you can associate with these sports. A trend that is picking up fast is sports … [Read more...]

How to Root LG Lucid 4G Smartphone


Over this period of this article, we will be checking out on how to root the LG Lucid 4G smartphone. You probably know that this LG Lucid 4G smartphone runs on the Verizon's 4G network to provide ultra-fast internet speed to those who often download large files, such as movies and games.Once you root your … [Read more...]

How to Root HTC Butterfly X920D and Install TWRP Recovery

HTC Butterfly X920D

If you have a HTC Butterfly X920D smartphone in your hand and searching for a best tutorial to root then you are at the right place. Please be informed that before start to root your device, it is necessary to install any custom recoveries in your HTC Butterfly X920D smartphone.Plenty of custom recoveries is … [Read more...]

How to View Network Keys Stored on Android Phone

View Network Keys Stored on Android Phone

When you setting up android devices for your business, you may have various Wi-Fi hot spots or networks you use to stay connected to the Internet. With multiple android phones that may be used by employees, this means making sure that everyone can stay connected.If an Android phone does not connect to a … [Read more...]

How to Root LG Optimus Slider Smartphone

LG Optimus Slider

If you are the owner of LG Optimus Slider smartphone and are looking for best tutorial to root your device then this is the best one.If you are not a noobie for rooting, you obviously know what does mean. Eventhough you don't have prior knowledge in that, no worries know that from here. Rooting gives you the … [Read more...]

How to Root LG Optimus Black Smartphone


If you are a user of LG Optimus Black smartphone and are looking for best tutorial to root your phone in order to further enhance your experience then this is the tutorial you are looking for.After rooting your LG Optimus Black smartphone its warranty will get void. But, don't worry you can reclaim them back … [Read more...]

Backup Your Mobile : An App to Backup Your Mobile Data’s with Advanced Features

Backup Your Mobile

When you are trying to do anything newly in your device you are always advisable to have a backup of your datas. Especially when you are rooting your device or updating firmware or ROM in your smartphone your datas may get wiped off. So, you will be in the situation to backup your datas.For that you should … [Read more...]