Guide To Android Apps That Will Improve Your Business Skills

Android Business apps

Recently you have bought an android phone and your thinking about some apps that may help you in your business whether giving you some useful tips or helping you to get by from day to day without much hassle. Moreover the apps should be easy to operate and understand.Running a business requires utmost … [Read more...]

Asus’s Affordable 7inch Transformer Prime

Asus MeMo 370T

Just after the announcement and release of the first quad core tablet transformer prime Nvidia have announced the release of 7-inch transformer prime with ice cream sandwich on board for a very reasonable price of $250. The tablet is actually running on Tegra 3 chipset and provides an amazing performance similar … [Read more...]

Xperia ION: The LTE Jewel

Sony Ericsson Xperia ION

Sony ericsson have released a new LTE mobile for the AT&T called Xperia ion which can also be called another android monster. Its one of the most high end smartphones to be relased by sony ericsson supporting the newest LTE network.One of the most advantage of being under the brand name that it can get … [Read more...]

How to Root and Flash the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II


Here is the easy method to root and flash your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note-II. This method works perfectly in T889.DISCLAIMER : Use the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible if anything goes wrong in your device. 1. First, download the CWM6-Recovery-n7100-121014.tar and … [Read more...]

Take Your Android Swimming

FUJITSU 10.0 inch waterproof android tablet

Well waterproofing your device is a very important aspect because we have the habit of spilling water or any other liquids on our phone or tablets. Most of previous android devices when waterproofed were too bulky or too ugly that it makes you turn away to never look back again.Well now it’s about to change … [Read more...]

Making VoIP Calls Just Got Easier With Mobile VoIP

android VOiP

VOIP calls are one of the cheapest ways to make international calls without worrying about extra charges or any other form charges. There are numerous sites available that allows you to create free account and make VOIP calls to numerous countries at a very affordable and reasonable rate. You will be surprised at … [Read more...]

Galaxy S Value Pack Leaks

Screen-Shot-2012-01-07-at-9.48.56-PM JPEG

After Samsung had denied the update of the most popular device Galaxy S to Android 4.0 ICS it left many of the users disappointed. The reason for that was that according to Samsung the hardware requirement would not be met by the 2 year old device to run the ICS.Instead Samsung had promised a value pack for … [Read more...]

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Any Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

This tutorial will help you how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S3, it gives you an endless amount of customization you can do with your phone. It allows you to install Custom ROMs, themes, tweaks and much more than you couldn't do without ClockworkMod Recovery.Disclaimer: Best … [Read more...]

Movie Box : Free Entertainment At Your Fingertips!


We know how relaxing it is to watch a movie or a TV show after a hectic day. For those who want a very easy-to-use app that offers entertainment for free, MovieBox is what awaits you! The App is compatible with iOS devices and is available in various languages like English, Turkish, French and German.The … [Read more...]

Root LG Revolution VS910 Without Downgrading Firmware [How To]

Root LG Revolution VS910

LG Revolution VS910 users has a reason to enjoy now. The tutorial which we have written here, will let all the LG Revolution users to root their device on V8 or V9 version without downgrading from their existing version.Now, you might ask what is the benefit of rooting your device. Well, Rooting your LG … [Read more...]