Paint Like A Pro With Infinite Painter

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You must be an aspiring artist or you just have a hobby in which you like to sketch and draw different things at times when you are bored or when you just want to enjoy some quality time in doing what you like.

Both cases you just can’t be carrying all the drawing tools with you everywhere because they are often bulky and also you have to make sure that that you have the necessary tools for drawing a picture.

Now thanks to android device our life has become much easier because of the availability of different kinds of apps in the Play store that make sure to come in need when we need them. In other words you have an app for each and every occasion.

So similarly now you have an app for the aspiring artists which makes sure that you have all the drawing tools right in your pocket in one single device rather than carrying a bunch of them. Infinite Painter is developed by Sean Brakefield which features all kind of tools for drawing and while using the tool you will feel that you are really drawing on a canvas.

Infinite Painter App Features

If you are familiar with the usage of Adobe Photoshop then you will also be familiar with different types of brushes that allow you to draw different kinds of lines with different kinds of strokes.

This app also features the different kinds of brushes that will allow you to draw a picture very nicely and effectively. You will be presented with six different types of layers each with its own options. You can even merge, flip or duplicate different layers to create a unique piece.

Moreover if you are facing an artist’s block and can’t think of something new and original you have the option within the app to import an image either from your gallery, Google image or the picture that you have recently taken with your devices camera. After you have imported the image into Infinite Painter you can start editing the picture.

Editing the picture is very easy it’s not necessary that you have to be a pro to edit and create a masterpiece. You use Infinite painter to make the picture even better than the original picture. With this app you get the ability to re-size, flip, recolor or rotate the images. You can also add different kinds of captions to make the image funny.

Every time you are working on an image the app will be auto saving your work every 15min so you don’t ever have to worry about losing your work due to some unforeseen complication. The best feature of this app is that you can save the different layers separately and for completing your work you can even transfer it to Adobe Photoshop to your PC for more editing.

You can download the free trial version of this app from Play store but in the trial version you can’t save your work. To save your work you need to purchase the full version which is available for $4.99.

So do let us know what you think about this app and also what kind of drawing apps you are using on your android device.

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  1. great app for doing rough comps. too bad u cant output 300 dpi images, else there’d be no use for photoshop or illustrator ever again.

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