Paragon Android App To Connect Your Android Device To Windows And Mac Drives- Available Now On Google Play For Free

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Inter-OS along with inter-device connectivity is very much vital for the sake of productivity in daily life. Now the device you carry and the device in your home needs no more to be same to connect each other.

The approach to connect each device with each other is not new though and there are apps already available to connect windows system with android devices.

The challenge was to connect Mac together with windows system to an android device like android phones or tablets. Compatibility between the 3 entirely different file formatting system of FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ to create a very smooth flow of data between the system is now possible by The Paragon NTFS and HFS+ App.

Unifying The FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ together.

It’s now very easy to transfer any file you have in your Mac (HFS+) to Android device (FAT32) or Windows (NTFS) without plugging inn any USB flash drive. When you might need to email a file instantly from android and that file is stored in Mac or windows you don’t have to get stressed now to email the file right away.

The Paragon app makes it very easy to work with all three file system without changing any file system settings. The app is very easy to use and most of all it is available in Google Play without any price tag on it.

Get it free from Google play to connect your all device together and get freedom of OS complexity.

Once The Paragon is on fire inside your android device you can use every file as FAT32 system files and use it as you want. One fact needs to disclose here, The Paragon is still on its beta phase and you might get some issue of bugs but good news is the developers are dedicated to fix all you bug you will face and report them back.

It could be your time to contribute with this great effort to get its best shape by reporting any bugs while you are using paragon.

Requirements are not very high demanding on this age of androids. You device has to be run with at least android 2.3 or higher to get the Paragon app on fire. Root your device and connect the drives with an adapter before you kick the paragon app.

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