Play HD Videos on Your Android Device

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These days most of the android device are able to play video files quite effortlessly. Moreover most of the devices that are being released are able to play HD files as well.

Playing HD files is largely dependent on the hardware of your device. If you device lacks powerful hardware then playing HD videos will be next to impossible. If you want to play HD videos on your android device then you need to consider the following points:

  • Processor: there are android devices running on 416 MHz processor they won’t be able to run any HD videos. 800 MHz processor android device might be able to play HD videos but for optimum performance you should go for either 1.0Ghz processor or a dual core processor android device.
  • Display: display is important on viewing video files. If you don’t have good quality display then you won’t enjoy the experience. There are many types of android devices in market using WVGA, QVGA and SVGA resolutions. For best viewing experience choose a device with at least qHD resolution or AMOLED display.
  • Storage: for viewing HD quality videos you need good amount of storage space because an ordinary HD video will be approximately 800Mb to 4Gb per file.
  • Android version: HD video playback supports with android 2.2 and if you own a device which runs on an older version you won’t be able to view or play any HD videos.

Now that you have taken care of the above points its time to find out whether the video player which is in your android device will be able to run the HD videos or not, because majority of the android device do not contain support for the famous codecs that are used to encode the HD videos.

In such cases you need some different kinds of media player from android market that will support HD video playback. We have compiled a list of popular media players that supports HD video playback.

1.  MoboPlayer:

It is one of the most popular video players in the android market. The player is able to play all kinds of HD videos even supporting HD video with resolutions up to 1080p. The player also has the capability for displaying subtitles. The player comes with a very easy to use user interface and has high user review regarding the simplicity of the media player.


2.  RockPlayer Lite:

It is one of the popular video players in the android market. The best part of this app is that it supports all kinds of video files without the need for any conversion of the video files. This media player is the most trusted easy to use app.


3.  mVideoPlayer:

Here is another popular video player and like other media player that are mentioned above this one also supports playing all format video files. This app has got huge user review especially because of its minimalistic user interface which makes it easy for you to browse through the video files on your android device.


Now you can sit back and enjoy the HD videos on your android device. Not only HD videos you can play any kind of video files without being worried of conversion or any other process.

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