Poetry Lovers Rejoice Because Now Android Will Help You In Your Poetry With The Best Poetry Apps

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Poetry is an art that lest words resound in your soul with special and deep meaning that only a poetry lover can truly understand. In the past there were many great poets who have left behind much great poetry for you to enjoy.

But now many new poets are emerging and along with the help of android are able to enrich your life with new meaning and imagination. These days the new poets are suing android to keep poetry alive and in this post we have compiled a list of best poetry apps from Play store that we could find.

So read on to find out more.

1.     POETRY from Poetry Foundation

This is one of the most poetry apps that are available on the Play store. This app was made by the leading foundation of poetry as a result you get a lot of features in this app. You can search for a specific poem either by line, verse or by title of the poet.

This app contains poetry from every leading poet around the world. You can also save the poems that come up or bookmark them for later reading. You get different categories to which different poems are related. This amazing app is available for free from the Play Store.

2.     Love Poems

As the name suggests this is the app which provides you a doorway to romantic poetry that is designed to bring a spark in your love life. The poems available in this app are from either world famous poets or mostly from various users of this app.

With Love poems app you can browse thousands of love poems and also love quotes just with a single tap on the app. You can also share the different poem or quote on your social networking account or you can also send it by SMS to your special someone.

3.     Hundred Greatest Poems

If you have been looking for good poetry collection from only famous poets then Hundred Greatest Poems is the app of choice for you. The app contains thousands of poems from famous poets.

You get poems on different occasions and for different ages. If you are a poet enthusiast then this is a must have app for you because with this app you will never run out of a poem ever again.

4.     Poems – Shakespeare FREE

William Shakespeare is the greatest poet and English author to have ever lived. Now with this app you can have access to his entire publication right on your android device. The app has many special features one of which is voice narration which allows you to listen to the poetry.

You can also browse through the different poems that William Shakespeare had published and share them with your friends on the social networking sites or bookmark them for later reading. You can also save your favorite poem on your SD card. This app is available for free from the app the store.


So there you have some of the best poetry apps that will make sure that you never run out of poetry and also stay in touch with the art of poetry. Do let us know if you come across some other poetry app.

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