Porting Stock, GB, CM7, And CM9 Based ROMs [How To]

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If you are wondering how to port your stock, GB, CM7, CM9 based ROMs then you have nowhere to go from this page. As this post itself will reveal to you the entire procedure, requirements and techniques you need to follow to get the porting done.


  • Notepad++
  • WinRaR
  • Concentration- Well we could provide you a link for that one because you ought to have that one install already.


These are a few common terms used for the referencing, to better understand the tutorial.

  • The Rom which we shall be porting will be referred to as “Ported”.
  • The Stock Rom/CM7/GB will be regarded as “Base”.


  • You must already know if your device is Armv7, Armv6 or Armv5. In case you don’t, just go here and find them out.
  • Your Base and Ported must also be the same CPU.
  • Your Base must already have a META-INF folder in it.

Note: You can use any of the CM7/GB/Stock Rom as your base. If your base has encountered a problem, then you port might also have the same problems.

Procedure For Porting Stock, GB, CM7, And CM9 Based ROMs:

1) Head on over to system/app in the base and backup the following files;





2) Now find and delete the following folders from Base and replace with Ported


Also ensure that you copy libandroid_runtime.so lib from PORTED to BASE in /system/lib because if not then you might encounter a few problems which will not let the Custom ROM for Android to boot properly.

3) Copy the bakend up apps to youe BASE in system/app/.

Copy all the libs and folders in system/libs in base and paste them in Ported’s system/lib. If you get a prompted window choose “replace”. In base, delete the lib folder and in Ported move its new folder to Base.

Head on over to system/etc in Base and open init.d folder. Copy all of the contents and paste them into Ported’s system/etc/init.d

Now delete the init.d folder in Base and copy Ported’s init.d folder to Base’s system/etc/

4) Go to Base’s etc folder and open permissions folder, copy everything there and paste it into Ported’s /system/etc/permissions. Whilst in Base, delete the permissions folder.

5) Copy Ported’s the permissions folder to Base’s /system/etc so that you do not encounter ant problems in Google apps.

6) Open the earlier downloaded Notepad++ and open the build.prop in PORTED. Also open the build.prop in BASE, so now you have them side by side in the tabs. In PORTED, edit the build.prop to match with your smartphone.

Make sure that your


are the same same as the build.prop in BASE! If not, then your Rom shall not be able to boot.

Save the Build.prop in Ported and close NotePad++. Now copy the Build.prop from Ported to Base.

7) IN Base, go to META-INF\com\google\android, open Notepad++ and open updater-script
Now in your PORTED, head on over to META-INF\com\google\android and open updater-script with notepad++

At this time you shall be having 2 upadter scripts opened side by side in the Notepad++ tabs.
Edit the Base’s updater-script to be like the Ported’s updater script.

Just edit/add permissions , ui_prints , asserts , run_programs , and installing the Kernel

Finally, just head over to Base and make sure that the Format values are for your Device. Long and tiring but the procedure is complete and the task is accomplished.

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