Professionalism At Heights: Amazon.Com Vs. Google

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Google is a firm that has taken over almost all the world with its replenish-able products and services. Google has taken hold on the Android devices with its services and applications that are user friendly and has played a wonder in the world today.

Today, Google has been providing services in almost every Android phone as well as Tablet. Google with its clever techniques of providing the Android companies to use its platform without licensing and agreements has taken over completely the Android devices.

With no restriction in its databases it provided a platform for Android companies to run its services.

Google patents problem with Apple has also been immediately resolved as compared to a massive Apple vs. Samsung verdict. But the recent leaks suggest that Amazon is going to cut down Google from the international markets.

The fact arises that how does Google earn from the Android devices??

Google with its sharp techniques takes control over Android devices. Google has versatile advertising techniques as in many of the Android devices it runs its apps that are favored by advertisements and applications that provide a complete web platform and search experiences.

The free services offered by Google in Android devices have increased its profitability and has favored it to take a complete advantage of the Android devices.
Amazon is trying to cut Google in Android devices as Apple has already cut Google from its devices but it is certain that Android will face loses due to absence of Google services.

Motorola has also taken part in this race by launching its successful Android devices and has taken steps to ensure Google as it part but it still remains unanswered whether Motorola will carry on with Google services or not.

Concept of Amazon:

Amazon has taken a vital position in the international market by launching its versatile and featured devices with LTE in its recent 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD that serves services at cheaper rates as compared to Apple and Google services.

The main Aim of Amazon is to influence a targeted audience towards its tablets and services thereby removing the minds of users from Google and Apple services.

Now the fact arises that users don’t care too much about the specs of the devices but the services and additional technologies offered by the devices. This concept is followed by Amazon that will hamper the growth of Google in the international markets.

Well it all depends from user to user and from device to device. Google Play Store is the leader in the Android market but as compared to Amazon App store it will compete.

Amazon store is a well-developed server for best games and applications. The Kindle Fire comprises of more tha 30000 apps and games for the users.
T.V shows and movies offered by Amazon are more than 25,000 but in Google these facilities are limited as compared to Android.

The pricing features of Amazon are $79 for US Appstore. Moreover, the library of Amazon is much better than Google library as it offers books for one month and also provides good shipping and cash on delivery techniques that are user friendly.

SO day by day Google is cutting out from the international markets as Amazon has been leading because of cheaper, faster, better facilities that favor Amazon’s growth in the market.

The Amazon apps are best and good purchase for middle class people all over the world and on the other hand Google favors services at a cost more than that of Amazon.

Also Amazon has featured a deal with Verizon that will load numerous Amazon apps and games as already seen in Motorola RAZR M that has hit the markets successfully worldwide.
Hence, a conclusion arises that Google needs to pull up its socks; otherwise a sudden decline of Google in the international market will affect its growth and stability. Stay tuned for more featured updates of Google vs. Amazon professional challenge.

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