Replace Your Camera And Photo Editing App With Cymera

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These days the camera in most of the android devices are powerful and better to the point that you don’t need a separate digital camera with you at all times just to capture the special moments in your life. Just take your phone out and capture those images.

Even the processing power of many android devices is getting a boost now thanks to the recently released quad core tegra3 devices. So with proper image editing tools right in your device you can tinker the pictures that you take to make them livelier.

One such software is Instagram which has already earned a very huge customer base thanks to its many photo editing and uploading features. But not to be left behind here comes Cymera that comes into lime light with its own features that will make sure that it lives up to your expectations.

Cymera The Camera Replacement App

Have you ever wanted to become a best android photographer then Cymera is the best camera replacement app that you will find in the android market. If you thought instagram was the best app then wait until you take a look at Cymera which has new features such as different shooting mode, camera len types, correction tools and many more.

After you have downloaded and installed the app in your device upon launching it you will be introduced to the main screen where you have the option to create an account for Cyworld which will allow you to share photos that you take and edit. But if you not in mood then you can still use the app.

After you have gone through the login screen you will be presented with tutorial that will allow you to get familiar with the different functionality of the app. After you have gone through the tutorials you will be taken to the main photo capturing screen.

Once your in the photo capturing screen you will be presented with different way you can take the pictures and also you will be presented with different shoot mode which includes Normal, timer, touch shoots and anti-shake.

You can view the photos that you have taken in the gallery which the app features and simple swipe from left to right will allow you to move from one picture to next. You also get nice editing tools with which you can add clipart images, frames, stickers etc. to make the image more fun.

Cymera will also allow you to share your photo to different social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. Cymera will make capturing special moments a fun with your smartphone.

Features Of Cymera

To make taking pictures more interesting the app comes with different sets of camera lenses such as:

  • Basic with which you can shoot one image at a time
  • Action 4 which will create a collage of 4 images in landscape mode
  • Super 4 same as action 4 but the images will be in portrait mode
  • Sprocket to put a film effect on images
  • Pop 4 for a photo booth styled images
  • Double which is a timer based photo options
  • Fisheye which will make a person’s eye pop

Some of the photo editing features of the app is:

  • Filters, light effect and borders
  • Edit which will allow you to edit the brightness, auto-level, saturation etc.
  • Beauty
  • Auto image correction

So there you have a fun app that can replace your camera app and also make you a android photographer. Do let us know what you think about this app. Download this app for free from Play store.

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