RIM CEO Admitting Of Possibilities For Shifting To Android

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So we know Blackberry as one of the world’s most secured OS, but for years there was no major haul in the operating system which led to the fast decline in the shares of RIM.

We definitely know that RIM is not in a good form and with constantly downfall of shares there is not much hope for the platform either.

RIM’s Blackberry OS was one of the best mobile OS prior Android and iOS, but as the competition heated up it was becoming tougher and tougher for RIM. Blackberry is currently the third highest used mobile platform after iOS and Android and with the rising percentage of Windows Phone devices there is no scope either.

So in a board meeting there was a point of discussion of switching to Android for RIM. RIM is constantly trying to resist the fall in shares by trying to innovate something from the Blackberry OS.

Shifting Android to ensure survival of RIM

It was reported in an interview with the largest newspaper The Telegraph that the RIM’s CEO had admitted about the talks of shifting to Android phones . It was for obvious reasons that RIM could not even match half of sales from its competitors Samsung and Apple.

The RIM has a major market in Canada and with new Apple iPhone 5 just round about and Galaxy S3 already launched the competition has even worsen. But eventually this proposal was declined as RIM’s CEO stated that the company did not have enough economy to release “60” phones a year of course taunting Samsung.

The company was in real serious plans in switching of the platform but the company did not want just the increase in market share. The class behind Blackberry is different and they wanted to maintain the difference so they decided to keep developing Blackberry OS 10.

According to the new RIM’s CEO “it is very difficult to maintain a difference producing dozens of phones a year.” He further stated that after the release of one Android phone within some days only a new phone is marketed and the whole phone is lost in the river of Android with some phones come out victorious and takes place in the hearts of Devs.

Blackberry releases only a few models a year so they can concentrate on their previous releases and support customers till the very end. RIM’s main focus is on the Enterprise market.

According to the CEO Blackberry is not meant for playing games and Multimedia its sole purpose is to getting the job done.

It was also acknowledged by the company’s CEO that they are in search of Licensing BlackBerry 10 to third party manufacturers so that it would be very cost effective and efficient too.

Will RIM be able to compete in the existence of Samsung and Apple? What if they switch to Android? As we all know how the buzz was created when it was told that Blackberry Playbook was able to run Android apps.  So is the taken decision by the blackberry is right? Share with us…

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