Root Your Asus Transformer Prime with NachoRoot App

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Asus Transformer Prime is the latest tablet in the market to feature Tegra 3 quad-core processor which provides unparalleled performance. It’s the fastest and advanced tablet which is available in the market till date.

With its massive 10.1 inch IPS display which sports an HD display watching any type of HD movies is fun and also browsing the web in this tablet is a joy. But to get the most of the device you need to unlock the device by accessing the boot loader which has been locked by Asus.

In a recent news Asus have announced that they will release and unlocking tool that will enable you to unlock the boot loader thus enabling you to root the device and unlock the full potential of the device. But remember that rooting a device will very well void the tablets warranty.

Before you start the process remember that you’re doing it at your own risk and also the rooting procedure isn’t as simple as rooting an android device. But if you follow this guide to the letter you will be able to avoid any unforeseen complication.


Things Needed Before Rooting:

  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB) should be installed on your computer
  • Nacho Root App.
  • Su Binary can be found after a search in Google or android market
  • Super user app can be downloaded from android market.


Instruction for Rooting Procedure:

1. Download nacho root app and save it in where you have installed ADB on your computer.

2. Download su binary and save it where you have installed ADB.

3. Enable USB debugging on the tablet by going to settings then to applications then to development and check mark the box of USB debugging. Connect the tablet to PC with USB cable.

4. Start the command prompt on your PC and go to the ADB directory.

5. Once you have entered the ADB directory you must key in the following commands:

  • adb push nachoroot.bin /data/local/
  • adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/nachoroot.bin
  • adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –stage1
  • adb reboot

6. The moment you have typed the last ADB command your tablet will reboot. After rebooting is complete then continue in the command with following commands:

  • adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –stage2
  • adb reboot

7. Again your tablet will reboot and then enter the following command:

  • adb shell id

8. Once you enter this command it should show a shell id of 0. If shell id 0 is not displayed then you should again enter all the commands starting from step 5 all the way to step 7 until you get a shell id of 0.

9. Once you get a shell id of 0 then enter the following commands:

  • adb remount
  • adb push su /system/xbin/su
  • adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su
  • adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
  • adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –undo
  • adb reboot

10. After the last command your tablet will reboot again and this time wait for it to reboot completely as it might take some time.

11. Once reboot is complete then you can download the super user app from the android market.

If you have followed the instructions to the letter then you have rooted your Asus Transformer prime and now you can get to installing custom android firmware and other custom apps to get more out of your tablet.

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