Root Your Asus Transformer Prime with One Click

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Asus transformer prime is the most popular tablet till date which features the world’s first quad core processor tegra 3. The tablet also boasts very high performance and remains the king of tablet in the market for some time to come.

However when Asus released the tablet they had its boot loader locked only after few months had passed did Asus release a tool that would enable you to unlock the boot loader and install custom firmware and perform other types of modification to unlock the full potential of the tablet.

In our previous post we had discussed on how to root your transformer prime with NachoRoot App but to most user this procedure might look and sound too complicated and involves lot of steps to follow. Even if you miss one step your rooting process won’t be completed and at times this process becomes annoying.

But now thanks to an XDA Developer forum member Viperboy has made rooting transformer prime very easy. Now rooting can be done with just one click.

The one click tool is based on the NachoRoot tool and viperboy has made it so easy to use with a very intuitive user interface that will allow transformer prime user to root and unroot their transformer with just one click.

Currently this one click root is only available for windows but will soon become available for other platforms. One click root is so easy to use that any rookie android user can use it within minutes.

As always with rooting you should remember this process will void the warranty of your device so you should do the entire process at your own risk.


Procedure for Rooting:

  1. Download viperMOD prime to your computer.
  2. The file is available in zip format so you need to unzip the contents.
  3. Install the drivers from the zip file
  4. Connect your tablet to the PC via the USB cable
  5. After connecting it will show the message that drivers are being loaded.
  6. After drivers have finished installing run “viperMOD Primer Tool.exe”
  7. You will be shown a screen with following options root, unroot and exit.
  8. Select the option  that you want to perform and click on it
  9. The rooting procedure will take minutes to finish and your tablet will then reboot.


Another good thing about this ViperMod rooting tool is that any time you want to root your device it will connect to the internet and download a fresh copy of NachoRoot. This process ensures that an updated file of NachoRoot is used for the rooting of your device.

After the update of transformer prime to Android 4.0 ICS it’s not sure whether the viperMOD primer will work or not but be alert for updates on one click rooting tools for your device.

You have successfully rooted your Transformer prime so do let us know what kind of custom firmware or custom apps you have installed in your device.

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